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Empire of Japan Group Build has been extended !

March 25, 2021 · in News · · 12 · 1.9K
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  1. New Group Build announcement, the Empire of Japan 1919-1946
  2. Empire of Japan Group Build has been extended !

I have been corresponding with some who have projects underway where there was a concern about not making the April 3rd deadline.

So I have decided to just remove the deadline altogether. This will remain open for us to use as we have been so far. Nothing is changing other than the deadline has been completely removed, so please continue to post as you normally would.

This way we can still continue to post up our Japanese subject models and not have to worry about a time constraint. For those of you who have not completed your builds, the pressure is now off. Please continue to post your updates and comments about other's projects with business as usual.

Also, if you want to start a new Japanese model, by all means please do so. I know that speaking for myself, I still have a considerable amount of unbuilt Japanese aircraft, and even a few Japanese tanks that need building.

I know there are several others who have mentioned they still have a "substantial amount" of unbuilt Japanese kits.

I will be putting together a review soon. This will cover the current completed entries from the Empire of Japan. In the future, I will be posting more completed Japanese models in another future review, once we have enough to post a decent review.

Thanks !

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  1. Thanks, Louis, this will certainly help me, I'm still battling with the foil on my Tojo...

  2. Louis @lgardner, these are the best of news! We can now add even more entries to our beloved Empire of Japan (EoJ) GB!
    Extending the Group is such a splendid idea.
    Thanks a lot, my friend, I will so happily add more entries soon!

  3. Great to keep the EoJ group as a source of inspiration and go-to place for new EoJ in-progress logs. Thank you.

  4. Louis - thank you, I am afraid I do fall into the 'substantial' category!
    Best wishes

  5. Thanks Louis. I've got two progressing but haven't been able to wrap them up.

  6. Nice Louis! Thank you and for The great Elephant graveyard of Japanese planes Photo !
    I yet have to tackle the rising sun planes. Soon..

  7. Thanks, Louis. I really enjoyed this one. It got me out of my comfort zone of stars and roundels.

  8. Oh, goody! More time to procrastinate! 🙂

  9. Thanks Louis. As Tom said more time to procrastinate which I think I just did. I have a couple of kits on the go but due to life, the pandemic and 1/1 modelling on my house and oh yeah more procrastination I require more time to finish them.

  10. I have kit completed just need mother nature to make some sun shine. That and stop chasing a buck long enough to take photos.

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