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Nitto S.F. 3.D Original. Super Armored Fighting Suit. 1/20

May 31, 2021 · in Sci-fi · 6 · 1.3K

A while back there was a story running on the news about incoming flights to LAX with pilots reporting that a guy flying in a jet pack was flying at 3000 feet. Going the opposite direction and a little close for comfort. The problem with jet packs is that they can't go that high for very long and they don't have enough fuel to stay in that air they have short legs . The story floated about and then a Flight school on a training flight was able to catch a clip of images of a large humanoid figure flying with out the aide of propellers or jets. It was just floating along at a reasonable clip.

Ok, so we now live in a age of disinformation and everybody is a expert and can say just about anything with sponsors. Say it loud and long enough and it will become true. I deny your reality and replace it with my own.
Dumping the back story of the Japanese S.F.3.D the real story began with the ending of WWII. German scientist's at Peenemunde no longer wanting to work for Wernher von Braun on rockets but, believing in the potential for developing cold fusion powered craft, escaped from the Allies and the Russian's via a U-boat and headed to the north pole. To join up with scientists working on UAP technology. Along with this group came Luftwaffe personal whose job was to protect and guard the scientists from any distractions from foreign militaries. As the years progressed the technology was developed to power U.F.O.s and the need arose to have scouts or super armored fighting suits to guard against even more technological threats from the Allies and their Soviet counter parts. The S.A.F.S where constantly up graded and soon incorporated the ability to fly with anti-gravity technology. The truth is out there.

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  1. I’d hate to meet him in a dark alley! Nice.

  2. Nice work and a good "what if" story.

  3. Great imaginative build.

  4. Yep, great model, great story!

  5. nice MK figure

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