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Ferrari F-2003 GA - Revell

Hi All, thanks for letting me join this awesome modelling community.

This was my first model I built, started at the beginning of 2021. Learnt a ton, handprinted this one as I didn't have an airbrush.

Really enjoyed it and was nice to get into the hobby - think the last time I built a model was in the early 90's, when I was a kid.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

20 responses

  1. Welcome back...nice work, especially a hand painted finish, hard to do right.

    • Thanks Eric, yeah really hard, especially when you are so inexperienced you don't even know you need to thin them haha.

      Turned out ok, now on bigger areas airbrush is the way. I mislabelled it - It's the Revell F2003 GA, must fix that.

  2. Welcome, Anthony! Great job.

  3. This is such a beautiful Ferrari, Anthony!
    Welcome aboard!

  4. Very nice. We need more car models submitted on iModeler! Glad you posted that. Is this the Tamiya kit?

  5. Welcome back to the model world Anthony. Nice work!

  6. Nice work and welcome!

  7. Great build, Anthony.
    Especially since this is hand painted.
    Welcome to this great modelling community.

  8. Looks great ! I have one F1 in my blog.

  9. Nice work on this, it's always good to see a car posted here, especially when it's a Ferrari. I see that Tamiya have deleted all Ferrari models from their on-line catalogue, let's hope that Revell keep up the good work. Definitely liked.

  10. Excellent finish considering it was done with brush. Welcome to site.

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