Review: J 29F Tunnan, Pilot Replicas, 1/48

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As things are moving along at the Swedish model kit manufacturer , I thought I´d give you a of what have been released so far. Hopefully I can come back with a few bits and pieces along the way, as PR is far from done with this barrel-like creature.

This model kit seems to be the one in 1/48 scale that finally got the dimensions right: AZ is plain wrong making it look like two design teams combining their efforts, Hobby Boss is closer to 1/52 apparently but looking quite the thing (Ed. the air intake is wrong and the undercarriage is way off...), not styrene...and somewhat off?

The box itself

This particular boxing is first generation style, single flap insertion on the front side. The newer version is closing on the outside, with separate small flaps inserting into the sides and locking the lid into position. Good stuff!


As this is a fairly simple kit there are only 19 official steps to construct the model. Most of us have our own particular way to deal with a kit, though. The construction is well laid out on three pages plus an introduction to the original on the first page. Paper is glossy and images are computer generated renderings. Painting is called out in actual colour plus codes for Tamiya, Humbrol, Vallejo and Federal standard.


As can be seen on the photos there are only seven sprues of parts, including clear parts and a small etched fret for cockpit details (wow, even three rear view mirrors are included!). Somehow I get a feeling the model is as simple as the actual aircraft itself. Smart construction and break down of main parts should make this a quick build. The plastic is somewhere between shiny and satin, not really polished. This is no disadvantage as the had a slight greyish appearance and not a shiny polished aluminium look to it. The J 29F fuselage is in four pieces, a given as the later boxings will be of the B and C models. These had a slightly different aft section due to lack of afterburner. The dedicated photo reconnaissance version, S 29C, had camera bulges and openings on each side of the front gear, thus there are some panels to add on this fighter boxing. I have found a very few pin marks but they should be easy to scrape away or ignore as they are likely on unseen surfaces. All the little rivet, fasteners and other details are looking like the real thing and a bit of a wash should make these pop on the model.

Painting and decalling instructions

The model comes with instructions for painting and decalling of three individual aircraft, all very different and colourful. First page of four are positions for general markings like "don´t, please, blah blah here".

The other three pages are for 1) 29547, an individual from 1st squadron, F 3 wing, outside Linköping (home town of SAAB aircraft manufacturing). Bright and colourful as a medieval knight. This one is wearing the oh so common black exercise markings showing opposing forces in air-to-air combat. Red is the colour of the first squadron. 2) A bit unexpected and daring choice is this machine, 29621, from F 20 wing in Uppsala. F 20 was the air force academy, training officers. I say daring choice as this is comparatively anonymous and bit dull compared to many other colour schemes. However, we must not forget a very important and vital activity as training of the officers. The fuselage day glow stripes denote an aircraft stressed for higher G load factors. If one is interested in a slightly different (and more colourful) variant there is an excellent decal sheet from Moose Republic Decals, blue Martin of F 20. These can be found at various shops like Moose Republic, Rebell and Alfa hobby.

Last but not least is 3)29422, a very bright machine from 3rd squadron at F 15 wing, Söderhamn, yellow Johan. A quite unique and striking variant with big orange day glow panels. The decals have been drawn by Moose Republic (former RBD) and have the correct colours for crown markings and squadron colours.

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  1. Not my cup of tea, but looks to be appreciably molded and well packaged. The multiple varied schemes and addition of basic PE is sort of the high standard right now, so kudos to them. I also like kits that tell you how much to add in the nose, especially when the rest of the assembly cant be "tested" to determine correct weight.

  2. Thanks for this amazing review, Stellan!
    The iconic Tunnan is one of my beloved planes, and I am glad to see that this kit pays good tribute to it. It looks to be a great kit with sufficient detail where needed.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stellan,

    A excellent, straight forward article showing the goods. With photos showing the box, sprues, parts break down, instructions and more importantly the written word. With no links or tutorials and a time limit of viewing. It's a home grown original review too. Perfect for luddites who like to read the written word and look things over with out a clock ticking an expiration time with wordy commentary and with sprues being held too close to the camera.

    Two thumbs up

  4. Has PR gotten back into business? I ask because at the prices being quoted for "used" kits purchased prior to their implosion, I can live with a 1/52 scale J-29 that otherwise "looks right."

    • Tom, if they ever were out of business I´m not sure of. It is basically a one-man operation with a bit help from friends. Producer has been very busy with other project but never gave up on Pilot Replicas. The J 29B just got launched some weeks ago, stay tuned for review. There are plenty of unused kits for normal money so no need to spend unnecessary cash.

  5. Thanks for the review, Stellan @stellan
    This is indeed one of Saab's most iconic plane, like the Viggen and Dragon as well.
    The kit looks very attractive.

  6. I built that back in 2015 and loved it. I do hope they get the Sea Venom out some day.

    • Good on ya´! Any tips or tricks?

      So much hope, so little time 🙂

      • It assembled with zero problems. It was very enjoyable. The only thing I modified was the exhaust by deepening it with a 1/72 F-4 burner can. I posted it here in May, 2016. Tags are Tunnan, J 29, Pilot Replicas.

        2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  7. A great review that makes me want to buy one, I hope they become available in China.

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