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My 2020 in review

Hi all, happy New Year! Just a quick one on what 2020 brought for me. I seriously lacked modeling time :( but did manage to finish three models this year: 1. Aco dei Fileni, Lybia (scratch) This must have been the longest build I ever endeavour[...]

A book: Fighters of World War II

This is a book I find myself coming back to every now and then. If you are into american hardware (plus the odd Spitfire) this is a must have. Written by Jeffrey L Ethell and Robert T Sand it is jam packed with mostly Sand's colour photos and sh[...]

This Just in From the Czech Republic!

I'll be doing a write up with photos in WIP/reviews later tonight (along with filming a YouTube review) but just wanted to post in headlines that DANG! They have outdone themselves with this kit!

From the cheap seats,2019 review

T'was a pretty good year, though the F-111B, F-105F, and the M8 tractor were lost during renovations to the house, but we had two weddings, my daughters'' and a nieces'. Merry New Year to all and let's hope for some peace.

Lotus 49 Drive Train, 1:20, Ebbro, Review Part 2

This is nowhere close to an easy build. Working on the suspensions means to test fit every single part with every single other part that it attaches to and in the majority of cases rework will be necessary which goes far beyond simple part clean[...]

A Visit to Gulliver’s Gate

Gulliver's Gate is an attraction near Times Square in New York. It bills itself as "a technologically advanced, interactive and immersive world of miniatures covering 50,000 square feet that will ignite your imagination and challenge your persp[...]

iModeler Review: Trumpeter 1/35 Tiger I late w/Zimmerit (09540) – Part 2

Building the kit is very straight forward – after all, the Tiger is more or less a box with some doodads attached to it. I followed the first steps of the instructions and attached the swing arms and the final drive plates. These plates will [...]

iModeler Review: Trumpeter 1/35 Tiger I late w/Zimmerit (09540) – Part 1

Let’s face it: The Tiger I has to be one of the most kitted tanks in the history of scale modeling. A quick check on the interwebs shows the impressive number of 96 different kits from at least 14 different manufacturers, and we are only talk[...]

Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter – Build Review, Part 3

As usually, I started by gluing all the multi-part assemblies to speed up the process of seam filling and not have to wait for filler to dry later on. There are quite some seams to deal with, but as fit is very good all filling could be done [...]

Thunder Model 1/35 Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter – Build Review, Part 2

As usual, there are a couple of subassemblies which need to be built up and painted before proceeding any further – in our case this will be the engine, the cab interior, the winch, and the trailer mount. Engine assembly is straight forward w[...]
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