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H K Models Lanc engines

November 8, 2021 · in Aviation · 5 ≡

Busy on HK Models 1/48 lanc having relegated my Tamiya to the ceiling! Took the Aries engines out of the Tamiya and having built a couple of HK engines the Aries one seems noticably larger. Anyone got any clues which one is likely to be most accurate? I might well not display the engines anyway but still

I think the Aries ones were Packard 2 speed 2 stage and had to be hacked to fit the Tamiya Lanc.

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  1. Hi Ross!
    By no means a Merlin specialist, but by doing some netting I think your Aires represents the more powerful Packard built version, that would be fitted into the Canadian built De Havilland Mosquito.
    You might find this link useful:
    ...where you can see the Packard built engine looking very much like your Aires one and not the Tamiya one.

  2. No engine expert eather, Ross.
    But I think the information from Spiros @fiveten, indicates that this is very likely a Packard one.

  3. According to a reviewer on YouTube the HK engine will be undersize as it allows the model to be posed with all the cowlings in place..

  4. I am not expert, either, but I think in this case both Spiros, @fiveten and Richard, @richgbotto, may be right. Aires, resin is often incredible, and may be an accurately scaled Packard Merlin. Due to the thickness of the plastic on the nacelle parts of the kit for the engine to fit, it may need to be underscale a bit. So both may be true, and Aires building accurately scaled resin may be a reason why I always struggle trying to get it to actually fit in a model 😉

  5. Thank you everyone. That's what I suspected so if I do deploy the kit engines exposed I'lkl reuse the Aries ones.

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