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Dad was on Spitfires. Back modelling having got hooked after building 32 scale models of the planes he flew. Don’t know where to put them all!

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Just attempted this. It's in the bin. Most ill fitting piece of junk I've yet to encounter. I should know because I built their JU 88 Recon, although it didn't get binned. Why all the resin interior parts? Injection is just as detailed and doesn[...]

Malta Montage

Malta is an amazing air war story. Denis Barnham's book One Man's Window (later reissued as Malta Spitfire Pilot - crappy retitling!) was the best book I've ever read about being there. L - R Revell JU-88 (not many were desert camo), 20thC To[...]

Hawker Audax. No 4 Glider Training School 1942

My Father completed primary training in Georgia, USA. Before being posted 61 OTU Rednal and thence to 243 Squadron Spitfires he spent quite a few months of 1942 towing Hotspur gliders at the No 4 Glider Training School, Kidlington (Now Oxford Ai[...]

Come on! Share your disasters.

I have a Revell 1/32 Ju-88 which I was rather pleased with as part of my Malta 1942 collection. I had to hunt for this kit on e-bay, enjoyed building it. Now the canopy wasn't perfect but it was ok. Last month I foolishly dusted some models. Ine[...]

Ahhh. Memories

Digitising old slides and found a few gems, this included. I was 9 or 10. The Brand New 1/24 Airfix Spitfire had just come out and I saved the £12 required. No airbrush then! Bit of a toy. Retractable undercarriage and sliding canopy. Al Deere,[...]

Homage to the lovely little Yak 3 and Polikarpov i-16. Realistic Ikea chopping board.

Needed to do this but space for 1/32 builds is limited. Very nice little Eduard kits. Fiddly in bits but fun. Amazing that USSR could produce such modern cockpit canopies (on the Yaks) when you compare birdcage Hurricanes and even Mustangs. Not[...]

Revell 1/32 Mosquito or The Scottish Tamiya. Not good!

So. Scottish in three ways. Banff Strike Wing. I'm Scottish. Therefore too tight to pony up for the Tamiya Mossie. I did try but the canopy was very difficult and sadly lets it down badly. It came from Australia (Tasman) and was for Revell but [...]

Something Different. Hasegawa. Camel.1/16

Present from Dearly Beloved! Thoroughly enjoyed this. Didn't go as far as this guy with individual turnbuckles I'm afraid! Lost my eysight threading the rigging. The tail area was most troublesome. It's not that strong so if you overtension [...]

Revell Mosquito Conversion

I come not in search of praise but help! So far this conversion has gone not too badly. Various Eduard parts and aftermarket undercarriage. Grey Matter nose, without which job would be impossible. Pleased with side door and cockpit. Not showing [...]

A Lament for Unavailable Revell Kits

Very sad that so many Revell kits are no longer available in larger scales. Found this lovely 1/48 Catalina on ebay. It's an excellent kit and I don't think I used any after market parts. Similarly this 1/32 NON TECHNIK Ju 88. Very hard to find[...]
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