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Hasegawa Akagi

December 12, 2021 · in Ships · · 5 · 1.5K

IJN aircraft carrier

Bid Ed Photo Etch added. Very complex upper deck supports. Many small parts that were easier to inhale than place on model.

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  1. Nice carrier, Clarence @jagmkx
    Beautiful details.
    Welcome to this amazing community.

  2. welcome aboard. Nice work.

  3. Superb job, Clarence!

  4. Nicely finished build of a gigantic beast of a model, Clarence@jagmkx. I like your attention to detail in the varied camo of the aircraft on deck. I would like to see more pictures of the Big Ed additions you made to the deck supports. I have seen some other work on-line showing how intricate this is. It appears to be something that would take years to construct properly. In general, more photos of all of your builds would be really worthwhile. Great inspiration to see how other modelers have overcome the hurdles of painting and detailing challenging kits.

  5. Thanks for your supportive comments! I do look backwards at my 'pre weathered' builds and see them as flat and lacking visual depth and intrigue. Ugh... But a part of the growing your techniques journey we all know. I have said this recently I think, I apologize for posting so many builds in a short window. Not my intent to 'filibuster' the posting gallery. I'll try to slow down a bit. Just excited to share, learn and connect. Here's my Flickr page if you're interested in some of what I'll post in the future. I think when your deluded in 'chasing perfect' you can become too risk adverse... so I'm learning to be less inhibited by that self imposed construct.
    Thanks for your patience:)

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