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RKR Varyag

1/350 Varyag

Graf Zeppelin

My latest Ship, the 1/350 Trumpeter Graf Zeppelin with the excellent KA Models upgrade

IJN Yamato

I think everyone needs to build a Yamato. The Tamiya 1/350 with Pontos

USS Spruance

Trumpeter 1/350 USS Spruance with Pontos Upgrade

King George V

Trumpeter King George V, 1/350 with Pontos Upgrades

HMS Dreadnought 1907

Zvezda 1/350 plus Pontos Upgrades and North Star sundries

SMS Seydlitz

The Hobbyboss 1/350 Seydlitz with the Infini Models Upgrade. It has a fully rigged torpedo net and weathering.

1/350 Warspite, the Grand Old Lady

The mighty Warspite. From the great naval engagement of Jutland in 1916 to 28 years later, 1944, being the first ship to open fire on D Day, a massive legend of a ship. More honours awarded than any other ship in the mighty Royal Navy. Hit by na[...]

Scratchbuilding the Duca d’Aosta

I always wanted her. Who? The Duca d’Aosta of course, the Italian Beauty! Between the two World Wars, the Italians built a series of twelve light cruisers in five classes, the so called Condottieri Cruisers. The first classes were weakly buil[...]

1/350 USS Indianapolis

1/350 scale This is the first 1/350 scale ship I made three years ago. I renewed it to Diorama. USS Indianapolis had a tragic accident just before the end of the war. I made water wave with gel type epoxy resin. And I made flame using 14 base[...]