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Creepy Jeepy Thingies

January 15, 2022 · in Armor · 5 · 1.1K

Just some fun kits that take a couple of days to build and the rest of the week to paint and weather. A Dragon Kettenkrad, an Italeri Kubelwagen, a Tamiya SAS Desert Rat Jeep and a Willys. All 1/35. The Dragon Kettenkrad has a more pieces for the tracks than the entire rest of the kit, and the Tamiya SAS Desert Jeep was a bit of a dissapointment after the fit and detail of the Willys. I took some liberties. The Kubelwagen is now my favorite Porsche!

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  1. Nice collection!

  2. Nice collection. I particularly like your weathering and the "dings" on the SAS jeep.

    If you want to get rid of the silvering of the decals on the US Army jeep, take an X-acto with a #11 tip and slice the bejeezus out of the decals, then flood them with decal setting solution. That will drive out the air that's under them and causing the silvering, and they'll settle right down. You can even do it at this stage successfully. Then that will be a perfect little jeep model.

    • Thank You Tom. I'm guessing there are whole tutorials about using MicroSet, MicroSol, and a variety of other serums. Then there's the surface the decals are being applied to, the kit manufacturer and even the age of the decals themselves. The originsl decals for the Kettenkrad disolved into pieces because the kit was old (or maybe not stored properly). But I will follow your advice for those kits where I did my best only to have the final look spoiled by silvering.

  3. Nice collection indeed, David! Love the weathering!

  4. Very nice set of vehicles, David @adamcda13
    Great work on the painting and weathering.

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