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WIP: 6th and Final Update: Trumpeter 1/32 SBD-3 “Midway Variant”

July 9, 2018 · in Aviation · · 15 · 4.2K
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Well this is the 6th update for my commissioned build of this . It is now completely painted, weathered, and sealed with Vallejo Matte Acrylic Varnish. Started today with the model approximately 90% complete. What remained was the attachment of many already painted sub-assemblies to include landing gear, Flaps, Engine, Cowl, Prop, Tail-wheel, bomb assembly, wingtip lights, canopy sections, tail-hook, tow handle, bomb sight, and exhaust tips. In addition to this final assembly some minor detail painting and touch-up is required.

Assembly went smoothly accept for a problem with the matte varnish sealant coat. It was rubbing off where I needed to hold the model with my hand on both sides of the fuselage. I needed to airbrush the varnish on those spots once more. I did not 100% complete all the required tasks to finish her. Progress was much slower then expected. Seems as I progress I find more and more to do, and/or fix. Also the assembly of the dive flaps is very fiddly, and somewhat challenging to attach "properly". I did not want the top wing dive breaks to me deployed but the kit is designed to only have them in the extended up position. Therefore I needed to make some simple modification to the extension hinges and brackets that attach to the top brake/flap. They simply need to be snipped off.

The last few pictures show the model in it's almost completed state following today's work. She should be done by end of day tomorrow. Overall, it has been a enjoyable and rewarding experience to build. It is a fairly straight-forward build but somewhat challenging only due to the high pots count and some complicated sub-assemblies. I hope you enjoy these last few build pictures. My next post will be the completed build.

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  1. incredible Paul, simply a work of art.

  2. Paul. that is an outstanding of the best weathering jobs I've ever seen. My congratulations to you on a fine museum-quality model.

  3. Stunning workmanship, Paul...great job!

  4. Truly great craftsmanship - I am now very excited for the final reveal!

  5. It is just awesome, I like your SBD a lot, because the whole model looks authentically used & abused. The only area that looks off context are the wheels, just too pristine comparing to the whole airframe, probably because the model isn’t completed yet I assume. I wouldn’t sell that beauty 😉

    • Good call on the wheels. I agree. Have not decided what to do on these b/c this aircraft only operated from the carrier during the Midway battles so not sure what to do. Usually I just simply dirty them up with some dirt/dust. I may scrub them with sandpaper a bit, a little dust. What do u think? BTW, no choice in selling b/c it is not mine. Customer purchased the kit, paints, etc. It's OK b/c if I kept it I have no where to really display it properly. To big for my cases. Just sit in some back room and collect dust. He will love and enjoy it, display it with other 1/32 collection. Main part of his house. That is why I started selling my models. Just no room and not appreciated in a basement, or such.

    • Maybe just wear them down a bit b/c seem to shinny for me unless they armor-all them...LOL. just rough up a bit with sanding stick maybe.

      • Here’s the cliche, it’s all a mater of personal taste, right?
        I don’t think any tire once used looks that pristine, just look at our own car tires after the first ride around. So taking in consideration what Tom says, I would give a slight tonal variation on the wheel thread and some light wash to break the black. Nothing too heavy I guess. Again, what a great model...that client will be very satisfied for sure

  6. Beautiful work, the weathering is very realistic. One minor point: the RDF ring is black/white, not black/silver. Easy peasy since you haven't got the canopy on yet (and if you do, no one will notice anyway).

    • Oh too late, Canopy on. I did not know what to do with this b/c almost every reference I had supported a different color, and many modelers choose different colors from all silver, to green, all black, black & white, silver & black...etc. I had nothing to support any one of them. I decided to go with Black and Silver b/c it was indicated in the Trumpeter instructions, not that they no anything...LOL.

  7. Found this photo online, you all probably saw it already but it’s a good one

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Ah, excellent photo. I dont think I have seen this one. it is a newer version of the SBD. Of real interest to me is the different type of tire then the "-3" variant SBD. I like the tires in the picture much better.

  8. A real beauty Paul! I don't know if I could every "model for money" and give away what I worked so hard to produce, especially if it looked like that! Love it.

    • Yea, my whole life I thought the same thing, but then I had a turn-around. It started b/c I left my job and needed money to continue with my toys/hobbies. So I sold models I had already built. Then I started getting good feedback from customers I sold to showing me their collections, displays, etc. They had such passion for the subject. On the other hand I did not have a nice man-cave, basement is horrible, no-where to put any more models and even though I loved them what would I really do with them. Just go pull them out and look at them I guess but no one appreciated it except me so really what was the point I thought? Again, the other reinforcement was money...I made some extra money doing what I love, and really needed it b/c left work for illness long-term. I am still not working so it continues to help but more so I am really really satisfied by appreciation from customers. I stay in close contact with most of them and it becomes a shared sort of appreciation. They have beautiful man caves in beautiful display cases, some even have them in Living room b/c they live alone. Its like the satisfaction you get when u take pictures and share on this site, or Face Book, etc. Basically it would be neat to have a big collection again but that desire is balanced really well from other benefits mentioned above. I actually have more joy and satisfaction now then when I built them just for me. It also really pushes you to excel and not just do things so so, must be close to perfect. If I did not make for people I would not have the same outcomes b/c did not push myself to advance and learn more. They send me these crazy pictures and say "can u build it just like this"? What a challenge it is! You should try it.

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