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FNC1A1 Canadian Army

January 21, 2022 · in Uncategorized · · 10 · 1.7K

This is one of my orders. Built from scratch FNC1A1 . This is one of Canadas main Cold War battle rifles. Basically the Canadian version of the British SLR version of the FAL. Which is semi automatic. Chambered in 7.62x51 standard NATO ammunition. The FNC1 saw service in the Canadian till it was replaced by the C7, (M16A1E1) design. 5.56x45 Standard NATO caliber in 1984. This is built completely from scratch, mainly , PL Premium, some wood filler. A lot of sanding. Full size. More pics to follow.

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  1. Very nice Aaron and better than the actual object . If I may suggest, Keep it indoors ! In the US one can get in trouble with It in public , real or not. Even if one can own the the actual rifle. I had my FAL serial number memorised when demobbed .
    I forgot it within weeks ! Got a chance to buy a FALO later but bought a nail gun instead. Karma !
    Nice work.

  2. I remember serving in the Canadian Forces Reserves (Militia) and was issued one of these. It was was a great rifle, very reliable and easy to maintain. Fired it many time on the ranges. Was a very powerful and compared to what is issued today was fairly heavy with a fully loaded twenty round mag. Also fired the C-2 version. The one thing was it could kick like a mule and with a steel buit plate could hurt like heck especially if you were not holding it properly as one of our guys found out when on the firing range at CFB Petawawa.

  3. A wonderful replica, Aaron!
    Your skills are amazing!

  4. Beautiful rifel, Aaron @aaronbouma
    I do remember this FAL because it was my personal weapon during my militairy service.
    Really loved that rifle.

  5. It’s a gun, they’re designed to kill people, I wish it wasn’t on iModeler.

  6. It’s just a wooden model. It’s not a firearm. It’s just a scale model like many others before this one.

  7. We’ve built a few 1:1 firearms, always a bugger to do the trigger guard. Very nice work.

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