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Revell GMC truck kit-bash

January 14, 2022 · in Automotive · · 14 · 1.5K

So I had a couple of kits sitting around that I bought for parts for other projects, the GMC Pickup that I bought strictly for the chrome wheels, and the barge wagon I bought for the running gear. I wasn't planning on doing anything with the kits themselves, until I spotted my neighbor's 1 ton Jimmy truck with the box and snow plow - remarkably similar to the Revell kit! I decided to combine these two throwaways into a single, unique project. With help of a razor saw to cut the barge box down a bit, and a set of resin wheels by Modelhaus Tires, I was able to fairly replicate my neighbor's late '70's utility snow plow truck.

I ground out the rocker panels with a Dremel and roughed them up with a hobby knife to replicate the usual rust on an old pick-up. The kit is pretty sparse on details, so I had to fabricate a floor for the cab. The was hardly any detail under the hood, so I didn't add anything there (I'll just keep the hood down :)) The chassis was too short, so I had to extend it out a bit for the box. The mud flaps and the rock shield over the cab are made from sheet styrene.

The box had nice wood grain detail on the floor, so I painted a coat of tan over the wood strips and aluminum over the metal strips, then a coat of gloss black over that. I then sanded carefully until the wood grain was revealed, and added scratches in the metal panels. A couple of do-dads from LED strip lights served as tail lights on the back of the box.

For paint, I used Valejo Orange Fire for the GMC burnt orange, then a light spray of Model Master Light Gray for the road grime. The windshield got the usual windshield-wiper treatment. The chassis is black, with Testor's Rubber and Flat Rust applied liberally, then a last coat of the Light Gray. The wheels were painted Flat Rust, with white over the top, and Light Gray again.

It was a fun project, I hope you enjoy viewing!

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  1. What a great project and what a wonderful result, up to your usual excellent standards, Robert!
    The fact that it emerged from two kits which would otherwise be destined as "leftovers" makes your project even more appealing.
    Well done!

  2. Looks like it's just waiting for the next snowstorm.

  3. For sure, @tcinla! I imagine my neighbor will get his truck going for the snow we're having today! 🙂

  4. An excellent kit bash, It's right on the money, and just in time for the weather!

  5. What an excellent kit bash. Really looks good and seems ready for the next snow storm.

  6. Great job, Robert! A very familiar vehicle here in central Pennsylvania and upstate NY. Your build looks like it would fit right in with the real things. You need to add a salt spreader to the next one.
    Love your civilian subjects. Keep 'em coming...Again, nice job.

  7. @gwskat Thanks for the comments, Gary! A salt spreader is a good idea for an add-on. I've seen the AMT snow plow kit recently, that one would be a good one to experiment with adding snow and salt effects to...

  8. Another hit, Robert!

  9. Very good use of those two surplus kits, we could do with an extra snow plough where I live at the moment.

  10. @chinesegeorge Thanks, George! I wish I had a real one of these right about now, too!

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