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I'll build anything, but primarily WWII Navy aircraft, with a particular interest in transition aircraft from just prior to the war starting - the stuff that was obsolete but went to war anyway.

Two Destroyers in 1/72 Scale

In my quest to build all of the Navy/Marine dive bombers, I keep discovering aircraft that I knew nothing about. The latest discovery is the Douglas Destroyer, which the Navy requested in 1941, hoping to replace both the Douglas SBD and [...]

First car, First love

Thanks to an article by @moparpep a while back, I was finally able to find a model kit of my first car, a 1969 Pontiac Bonneville, purchased from the MCW Finishes website, where he found a kit for his first car. I bought the real one way [...]

Two Kits for Ron

My neighbor Ron passed away recently. Ron was an interesting fellow - He grew up only a mile or so from where he died in this rural Iowa community, was an engineer in the Air Force (worked on the Hound Dog AGM), collected firearms, read [...]

Brewster SBA/SBN Scratch Build

In 1934, the Brewster company was initiated into the Naval aircraft market when it was invited to submit a proposal to build a new dive-bomber to Navy specifications. Prior to this, the company had been doing subcontract work for Vought [...]

Academy USMC SBD-1 "Pearl Harbor"

After spending three months on the card stock Russian tank, I decided I wanted to take a break and do something simple and easy. This Academy kit fit the bill nicely and accomplished two things: a) I finally upgraded my dive-bomber [...]

Paper or Plastic?

While doing research for my SU-100 project (posted here on iModeler), I ran across an advertisement for a paper kit version of the Russian T-34 tank in the same scale as my plastic SU-100, so I thought I'd give building one a try... The [...]

Last Project of 2022

I'm posting this today, on December 31st, having just finished this project last week. After seeing all the articles on what folks have built this past year, I wanted to get the article finished so I can get "credit" for a [...]

SU-100 Facelift

When I was a kid back in the early 70’s, one of my older brothers was into motorized toys. He had the airplanes on strings that went round in big circles, a little gas-powered ATV, and this 1/25 scale Tamiya tank which had a battery [...]

AMT Puller Tractor "Blazing Bison"

After I finished building my Massey Ferguson puller modification to the old Ertl 1155 kit, I really wanted to build a truly Modified puller tractor. I assumed there were no kits available since I had not run across one, and so would have [...]

Revell GMC truck kit-bash

So I had a couple of kits sitting around that I bought for parts for other projects, the Revell GMC Pickup that I bought strictly for the chrome wheels, and the Ertl barge wagon I bought for the running gear. I wasn't planning on doing [...]