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Academy Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) Phoenix

February 6, 2022 · in Sci-fi · · 5 · 1.6K

This is definitely a side project because I don't often venture into non-aircraft builds. However, I had a blast building this . This truly is a modern kit with up-to-date engineering. I was very impressed with the engineering of this kit because the attachment location of many of the parts go along the kit's panel lines or behind other parts. So gaps and fillers were not required.

The kit is designed to appeal to different types of modelers. For the non-modeler, it can be press fit together and since it is molded in several colors, paint is not required and stickers are provided. For those of us who want to paint, well, the colors are simple and I used Mr. Color sprays this time with very positive results and the Cartograph decals were a pleasant surprise.

For those looking to take it to another level, there is a purpose designed LED lighting kit that can be purchased for this model. This was an extra $15 but it was worth the effort despite the lack of instructions!

I have a build article here:

And for those looking for a silly video with my random thoughts about Battle of the Planets while I build this kit, you can go here:

All in all - a nice kit and a happy addition to the model case.

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  1. This is a wonderful result, Chris! Great info about the kit's possibilities, as well!

  2. Very nice result, Chris @modelairplanemaker
    It does however look a bit like an airplane.

  3. Looks great, but definitely an aircraft.

  4. Excellent build. I built this one late last year. I had the same issues with the lighting kit but it was pretty simple so easy to fix.

    Turns out that Gatchaman (the original BoTP was based on) is a lot more adult than what we kids at the time ever knew.

  5. Wow Chris @modelairplanemaker - this is really really cool - I need to find a kit like this, the lighting looks great. Well done.

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