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North American T-6G / Israeli Air Force

The North American Aviation T-6 is an advanced American single engine training aircraft used to train pilots from the United States and more than 60 other countries. I am particularly passionate about this plane, mainly for its use in the Brazil[...]

Academy, 1/35 IDF M997 Ambulance

Hi everyone, here is my Academy M997 IDF ambulance in 1/35 scale. colors and weathering effects by Ammo-Mig and Tamiya. Take care, guys and may god bless you all!!

It’s so cute, it just had to be built

I bought this kit at the show in Madison last weekend and I finished it today. It is such a unique aircraft that saw service throughout the war. In the hands of a skilled pilot, and under the right conditions, this STOL aircraft could take off a[...]

Hawker hunter 1/48 academy.

The 2nd Set of RCAF decals

Academy's 1/48 scale F-15E Strike Eagle had a major problem with its' one piece windscreen/canopy. I had the experience to solve the problem by sanding off the ridge line. I only use 3M's wet/dry sandpaper that is kept in water 24/7 for several [...]

1/48 Academy B-25B “Doolittle Raider”

This is the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B “Doolittle Raiders”. I built it as the “Ruptured Duck” which was the aircraft followed in the film "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo". The “Ruptured Duck” was the 7th aircraft to take off of the USS Hornet. I[...]

Academy F-4 J US Navy 1/48

Hello, Here goes my last project, entering the "phabulous" Phantom World. I've chosen the Academy kit because I've read some good reviews about it. But, I must say it wasn't a flawless building. I've encountered a few issues like a step betwee[...]

Academy M-151A1 in 1/35

Hi Guys here is my Academy, M151 A1 in 1/35 scale. Aftermarket parts: Legend 1/35 M151A2 Detailing Set Colors and weathering effects, by Ammo-Mig and Tamiya. Have a great day!!

Burma Banshee P-40N,Academy 1/72,Teeth and Fang.

Another P-40, can you stand it! The Academy kit gives you a choice of doing a M or a N version I've done a M once before . I originally intended to use the kit decals but as in the past the Academy decals in this kit gave me trouble, so I let it[...]

M10 Régiment Blindé de Fusiliers-Marins

Hello from New Zealand: Been a while since I shared a build, so... It's hard to explain, the M10 is just one of those subjects that has a very definite appeal to me, but I would never commit to building one until recently because I knew my 'skil[...]