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P-47N…Au Natural!

Hey All, My first post for 2020. Also the first build in my personal tribute to build subjects, used during 1945, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of WW2. This aircraft is the famous P-47N from the 318th FG 333rd FS based at Ie shime, Okina[...]

Tamiya P-38F

Here she is at got in the way more than a few times since I started building this wonderful kit. I added an Ultracast seat and wheels, Master barrels and antenna from spares box. Decals are from the Eduard kit (Academy mold) that w[...]

1/48 AMtech Ta-183 Huckebein – “The Troublesome Raven”

A lot of us styrene addicts have purchased models with the intention of building them right away that end up sitting on the stash shelf for years - even decades. That’s been my relationship with AMtech’s Ta-183 Huckebein, the one and only kit th[...]

Academy’s “pregnant cat”, a last minute 2019 completion!

Hello, fellas! This is Academy’s infamous “pregnant cat” I finished yesterday in true “almost OOB” fashion. The interior was dressed up with some Eduard PE bits, as well as Master barrels for the .50 machine guns. I first thought of not using [...]

Thank you Louis Gardener!

Another Christmas gift from another great person. I really dont know how to articulate my thanks for these awesome gifts. Louis included a P-40 and a Corsair for me to build, both being in 1/48th scale. I've built academy before, but this other [...]

Scarlet Kate and Little Joe

I built these two 1/72 P-51Bs to compare the Academy and Revell kits. I enjoyed both builds, although the Academy kit – finished as 'Scarlet Kate' – was perhaps the easiest of the two in terms of fit and ease of construction. I also liked the s[...]

What If F111K RAF

This is the first of my "what if" F-111 K's. The registration is the actual first one in the block set aside for the F-111 after TSR2 was cancelled. I have painted her as the first one to be handed over at a ceremony at General Dynamics factory

FINISHED! Fw 190 and He 162

I'm finished with both the 162 and 190. I'm very proud of both of these models, especially the 162, because I feel like I got them both right! Yes, there was an emergency paint change on the 162, (long story, spilled and ran out of paints), but [...]

T-34/85 from Academy

Greetings to all forum members. On this occasion I wanted to show you a quick project without big aggregates. It is the T-34/85 of Academy, in 1/35. It is a very simple kit and easy to assemble, with a very good lace pieces. The detail is adequ[...]

1/72 Scale Academy B-17G converted to a YB-17G

After years of building models I knew everything....hum-bug! I found a photo on the web of a "YB-17G Flying Fortress." As lot's of modeler's say: "I gotta have that kit," but there is no YB-17G kit available. For me that was not a problem, so I[...]