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"Overwatch"1/72 Macross Destroid Defender by Bandai

February 24, 2022 · in Sci-fi · · 6 · 1.9K

This one I completed just recently.

Ever since I first watched the anime series in the early to mid 80's, I have had a love for . This is linked to the saga with which many are also familiar with. Some may have seen my 1/48 Valkyrie build. this too is from the series. Some of the mechs made their way into BattleTech, a fantastic table top game by FASA which in turn spawned off the Mechwarrior universe. Told you I was a fan boy!

Anyway, I built a Regult assault pod back in 2014, also by , but this time around I wanted a smaller base and still offer a sense of size in relationship to everything else. This mech stand 10m tall so it is not exactly small, so I decided to create and urban scene like the previous build, but I'd off set it against a 1/72 armoured vehicle. Fujimi had a neat Japanese LAV in 1/72 which proved a worth while candidate for the little vignette.

So I am proud to show you my Destroid Defender vignette that I have titled, "Overwatch".

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  1. I know nothing about these subjects but it looks like a great model, keep them coming.

  2. Nice. FYI, Wave made more modern molds of these Macross Mechs.

    A lot of lawyers for Harmony Gold got rich suing FASA and Hasbro among others till they finally made legal peace last year and stopped suing. The Rifleman is one of the "unseen" mechs including the Valkryie and Zentradi Officer Pod aka Marauder Mech.

  3. Very nice result and ditto for the diorama, Gavib @snowman

  4. Love it too, Gavin!
    Keep them coming!

  5. Thank you again for all the kind words.

    Till next time.✌️

  6. Cool dio!
    Looks fantastic!

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