My first attempt at model building in the military field.

March 13, 2022 · in Armor · 5 · 0.9K

Hello, I now have the time and dared to try an Alvis Saracen, it's far from perfect but I'm a little proud.
I looked at Derek Matile Sally and learned a lot, then copied the measurements from with a teacher. The turret moves by servo and the lights work by microprocessor. Is not ready yet, waiting for the antennas.

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  1. You should be proud of this model… it’s very unique and looks very nicely built ! Good job on it !

  2. Your first attempt is very succesfull, Stephen @Burgy
    Welcome to this great community.
    Would be nice to see some more pictures of this project.

    • Thank you, this model was built and "rescaled" four or five times, originally I wanted to make it out of old beer cans, but soon found out that what African children can do with a piece of Aluminium and a pair of scissors is way over my head, so started again from scratch. Being an ex-squaddy I am now looking for some usable plans from a Humber Pig or an Alvis Stalwart.

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  3. Am amazing start, Stephen!
    An excellent result!
    Welcome aboard!

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