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Weathered Steel Garage Doors Made simple

March 3, 2022 · in How-to · 18 · 1.3K

I did this many years ago. I thought someone might find it interesting. These scratch build, steel doors were made using thin aluminum plates I bought at a hobby store, which I cut to size, with a pair of scissors. I weathered using these methods:

  1. Primer ( this was a rust color bought from all-purpose store)

  2. No base coat (The primer was the base-coat)

  3. Using sponge technique (colours used are blue, brown and steel. I use colours from the Citadel collection)

  4. Dry Brushing(mostly the silver paint around the edges)

  5. A little rust powder in certain areas.( I used Mig's rust pigments)

N.B. Please note. The number '35', was later weathered after the photos were taken. That's it. You could go even further by doing some modulation effects here and there to add more dimension; but at the time I just went with these simple methods. Even simplicity can be just the look you are after.

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  1. Looking at your articles really encourages me to experiment and try these techniques. Thanks for posting, Charles!

  2. Thanks Charles, I going to book mark this one for future reference!
    Always great to see what can be achieved with different materials and techniques.

  3. Thanks for posting, Charles!

  4. Your weathering skills are top notch. I'm glad that you shared them with us.

  5. Good stuff! I've got to try this!

  6. Charles, you are a jedi master. Love how you broke down your technique.

  7. Thanks for sharing this useful technique, Charles @tiking
    Result of this approach looks great.

  8. Heavy wear and tear and weathering as only Mr King can do it! Good stuff.

  9. I am just starting out in simple diorama building and I much appreciate you sharing ideas and techniques here.
    Thanks Charles!

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