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I have been interested in the building aspect of model making. I love building dirty trucks that look used. Show trucks are great to look at but built-to-look used is what does it for me. I've been building trucks since 2011. Before that I've been building modern military vehicles since 2002. Must say that truck building is fun and nicer on the eyes, if you old chaps know what I mean.

1:8 scale diecast MF Te20 farm tractor model

My very first 1:8 scale dicast model. The details are beautiful and the weathering and painting were fun to do on such a big scale model like this farm tractor. The customer was satisfied with the results. I've added 'before' photos.

"Aim to the left"

Been very busy with commsion builds of late. So not a lot of time for building for myself. But this little one got my attention. Ak-Interactive jeep, which was a nice build on its own. The figures are older builds which I added for some [...]

Private Construction/Truck Yard

Been working on this diorama for a while now and still not finished. I need to find some suitable figures that will go together with the theme of this build. So if anyone of you have some suggestions, please don't hesitate to send some [...]

Fifth Wheel Weathering

Fifth Wheel Weathering MIG's oil & grease solution Vaseline MIG's black, rust & dust pigments

Dead Forest Find

Working on this diorama has been a pleasure. Trying mew weathering techniques have also yielded good results without spending am arm or a leg on many weathering solutions( although, they help beginners). Hope you all like the results of [...]

'Can't Play Outside, Today'

The theme of this vignette is that the little boy seen through the window, is sad. This is because, he cannot go out to play as he sees opposition fighters passing by, outside his window. It's a bit of a turmoil outside at the moment and [...]

Car in Skip

Trying to add more life/interest, to the skip for my diorama. I always seem to want to add more detail to an already promising build. 🙂 But that's me. Already working on another vehicle(jeep), that will be placed on the diorama. Who [...]

Backup that tractor...Slowly!!! - Video

A video clip of my latest truck diorama: (link)

Skip Container

I was hoping I did not have to build my own skip container, but circumstance forced me to do it anyway. But here we are, with a scratch model of a skip container with some metal scrap as the contents. This piece is for my 1/24 scale truck [...]

Scratch build, building front

Here are results after trying to duplicate a MC club house building. There are a few minor mistakes when comparing the two, which I overlooked. But the overall look when browsing indiscriminately, will make up for them.