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I have been interested in the building aspect of model making. I love building dirty trucks that look used. Show trucks are great to look at but built-to-look used is what does it for me. I've been building trucks since 2011. Before that I've been building modern military vehicles since 2002. Must say that truck building is fun and nicer on the eyes, if you old chaps know what I mean.

The Swedish SBAT(Special Bulldog Allwheeldrive Terrain) - TGB 40

I have been working on the second SBAT model, TGB 40 from 'Swedish Model Works. Yes, its a 1:87 scale, too darn small for my taste, yet interesting. 🙂 This is the 3-axle brother to the TGB 30 from the same company, I did awhile back. [...]

Wake Rider Anti-Gravity Bike

This build was inspired by Clint Young, who is a 3D artist professional, working with Lucasfilm. I got the go ahead, to do a 3D print of his 3D art design, called Hover Hogg. The Original image of his work can be seen on Instagram, [...]

Tuk Tuk Anti-Gravity Taxi

I have been on a roll with hover vehicles since my last major 1:50 scale build. Here is one of two, anti-gravity vehicles. My version of an anti-gravity tuk-tuk taxi. A mixture of old school and sci-fi technology, with a hint of derelic [...]

Final Details to customer Truck Diorama

I have added lights and a simple background interior for the inside warehouse of the truck dock diorama. The lighting is not the best, especially being my first time working the lights. I did my best, as a beginner, but at least I have [...]

From Cashier Paper Roll to a Rusted Steel Coil

This little quick 'how-to', is for a future project I am planning a 1:24 scale diorama, which is going to involve some major scratch building and many detail objects. So stay tuned. If you know me than you know how I always like to find a [...]

1:50 Scale Truck Dock/Bay DioramaFinal Photos

I am closing in on the finishing of this build. I have some details to add here and there. Then I will be figuring out how to add lights. That is another heap to jump over. But I will give it a try. The wall at the left of the dock was not [...]

Building a 1:50 Scale Truck Dock - Part 2

A little update. I've added a third dock to the the already two that I had already made. At the very corner of the dock will be a wall, which I'm presently working on. I added another big extension to the docking bay end. This was mainly [...]

Building a 1:50 Scale Truck Dock

I have been working on a 1/50 scale diorama for someone. It's a truck dock that will handle about 6 trucks. Docks for 4 full fledged truck and trailer and two single trucks without their trailers. Lots of fittings with bits and pieces of [...]

MF Tractor

Took some outside photos of the MF farm tractor that I integrated into another diorama some time ago.

Middle Eastern store front vignette

Made a little vignette for a pic frame wall mount for a possible buyer. Scale is 1/35.