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I have been interested in the building aspect of model making. I love building dirty trucks that look used. Show trucks are great to look at but built-to-look used is what does it for me. I’ve been building trucks since 2011. Before that I’ve been building modern military vehicles since 2002. Must say that truck building is fun and nicer on the eyes, if you old chaps know what I mean.

‘By Any Means Necessary’

Based on a photo I got off the internet many years ago. Just goes to show, nothing is impossible or unbelievable. A revival of an old vignette made anew. I had intended this little dio to be a IOF dio but decided to go for the 'different' appro[...]

Piaggio Vespa

This is a 1/18 scale(not a hundred procent sure) die-cast I bought cheap at a local vendor. I added a cracked glass where the speedometer was, as it was just a piece of decal. Made a cut in the seat and added some inner material and did some hea[...]

Scratch Build Truck Scale

I was thinking of a complete diorama but the idea I had for it would make the diorama too big. So I opted this method, as a display mantle instead. used lots of styrene and old school cutting to get the job done.

Test Trail Water Effects Using Toilet Paper

Test Trail Water Effects Using Toilet Paper: Now, I am no way an expert, so what you see here is purely amateurish. Compared to some of the water effects I've seen by amazing artist, this cannot be compared. So go easy on me and perhaps some ti[...]

Massy Fergusson 20 Farm Tractor – ‘Renovation time’

I had bought this 1/24 scale MF20 a long time ago. It's been stashed away waiting for the right moment to decide on what I was going to do with it. Now I have.

The Down-Graded Ukrainian 6447 5247H Titan Trailer with The FUG 2.5Ton Forklift

I posted the first mods of this build sometime ago. Now. I have redesigned it by removing the tractor and keeping it as a trailer. I removed the original two single ramps at the back and replaced it with a scratch built single wide ramp. I also [...]

Sky Bike

This is a model I kit-bashed about 90% out of Tamiya bike parts and 10% scratch built. The design was inspired by a short film, called 'Leviathan', that I saw on Youtube some years back.

Red Lightening Anti-Gravity Bike

Yes, it s another scifi bike. Not much to write, just that, I used a Tamiya 1/12 race bike.

Hydraulic Jack

Another weathering test subject. This time a simple hydraulic jack. What do you guys think? What I used to weather: Tamiya Black Panel Line solution Tamiya Brown Panel Line solution Mig Black and Light Rust pigments Another odd brand Buff/eart[...]

Mon/Jet Bike

This is something I have been working on, for the last couple of days. I started of with a 1/12 Yamaha race bike from Tamiya. I kept most of the original details but modified and scratch built some to fit the theme. The model is resting on a sta[...]