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"Devotion" trailer out

May 27, 2022 · in News · 17 · 1.1K · on youtube

This looks a whole lot better than I was expecting it to. The CGI - which they had to have - looks close to "real."

Maybe this time, my hopes of a good movie will come true.

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  1. Don't worry about the Tom Cruise c r a p - iModeler's IT is playing games today.

  2. Looks like a really good movie, Tom!

  3. Seems like a great movie, and October is a perfect month to visit the cinema.
    Thanks for notifying, Tom @tcinla

  4. I want to see this movie.

    Sigh... however Top Gun II the Mavericking will destroy all box office records it seems.

  5. Holy CGI!, @tcinla. We shall see just how “devoted” this film really is, come this autumn.

  6. Thanks for posting this Tom- First and foremost, the story of these two men is needed in today's world.

    Now I will talk about the planes...The few clips I saw in the trailer of the corsairs look great- the CGI (and lots of other things) in "Red Tails" cemented for me that modern movies would never get the movement of aircraft right in cgi- however, this makes me hopeful that this movie can convince more Hollywood groups to respect reality and make planes move in CGI the way that they really do...

    • Yes, it appears that people who know something about airplanes were involved in this project.

      • Maybe, Just Maybe, Tamiya will finally put out a 1/32 F4U-4- their first boxing (F4U-1) provided F4U-4 coverage- I was hoping that Tamiya would eventually have the -4 as part of their 1/32 Corsair releases. I still have the very bothersome Trumpeter -4 that I am almost finished fixing... maybe I will get it done before the movie comes out!

        By the way, I have read in a few places that "203" was the best guess at what the airframe Jesse Brown flew the day he died in action- do you happen to know if that is "correct?" I am going to be using the Cutting Edge decals for my build, so was planning to also use the BuNo they offer for "203". However, I see that "211" is associated with him in the movie...

        Lastly, would you happen to know if it was more common for the aircraft to be loaded asymmetrically with one tank, one 500lb bomb and 8 HVARs for ground support, or more often: two tanks, and 8 HVARs? Sorry to throw that at you- but you have researched and written quite a bit, so didn't think it would hurt to ask...

  7. It is high time that Hollywood ditch the superhero genre and rather focus on inspiring stories like Hudner and Brown. Hopefully this movie can spark an interest in the Korean War and highlight the heroism and sacrifices of so many during the Forgotten war.

    • On a personal level, hopefully its success will get the people who have been nosing around "The Frozen Chosen" as a high quality limited-release cable series off the dime.

  8. looks promising

  9. Looks good, hope it does well. It blows my mind how stories about fake heroes get so much more attention than stories about real ones.

  10. Looks promising, a story that needs to be told. Who do you call to maybe doing a movie based on the book "Sailors to the End" {Forrestal fire].

    • Hate to say this, but two words suffice: Dream. On.

      As a screenwriter/historian who has a chapter in Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club titled "The Forrestfire," I totally agree with you. As a Hollywood realist - refer to the above. 🙁

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