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IAI Kfir C7 1/48 AMK

May 24, 2022 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.3K

Finally, after so many models made on commission, I managed to produce something for myself. A project that started without too many ambitions, carried out partially at home and partially on a site where I temporary live for work on a fairly continuous basis, where I equipped myself with a mini compressor and a limited set of tools. Build was almost OOB accessories and aftermarket at a minimum, focusing everything on the capturing the three-tone desert camouflage, typical of some Israeli aircraft, which fit perfectly the sleek lines of the Middle Eastern cousin of the Mirage. Decal's use was cut to the minimum. National ensigne, walkaway, red contour of air brake, white segment, were airbrushed, like the unit simbol and the Israeli flag on the back wall of the base.
Shopping list:
.-Kfir AMK 1/48 kindly given to me by my colleague and friend Gabriele.
.-Aires cockpit.
.-Reskit exhaust cone and wheels
.-Quickboos antennas and Air Scoops.
.-Master Pitot tube.
.-Reedoak pilot.
.-AK Real Color color set dedicated to Israeli aviation.
.-Wingmann GBU-12 laser guided bombs
.-Kfir Italeri decal sheet, kindly obtained from Fanatic Model friends via Italeri.
.-Cut and lowering flaps and ailerons
.-Wing tip lights in transparent sprue.
.-Phyton missile sensor lens in transparent sprue, rolleron cutting and repositioning on the fins of the same.
.-Detail of landing gear and relative compartments with pipes in various materials.
.-Self-construction of the ladder.

Hope you enjoy it. Kind regards, Roberto.

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  1. A superb result, Roberto!
    Excellent down to every detail!

  2. Beautifully painted and weathered! I love the Mirage/Kfir family and the Israeli 3-tone scheme, and you really made the best of both.

  3. Fantastic job on this Roberto, your paintwork is superb, I am definately going to use that Blutac/Masking tape technique on my next build.

  4. Excellent build, Roberto @roberto_colaianni
    Perfection all over.

  5. Beautiful work, very eye catching! Since I don’t know the kit in detail, I ask you if the AM cockpit is a much needed improvement over the plastic parts?

    • Not really, a resin ejection Seat Will be enough to improve realism, avoiding extensive use of Sandpaper to adapt the resin cockpit. Seat belt could also work fine on the kit Ejection Seat, that Is not bad at all. Actually I mix parte of the kit Ejection Seat, in grey Color, with parts removed fron the resin After market, in Yellow.

  6. Great work and a super result.

  7. Nicely done, great presentation!

  8. That’s stunning, Roberto. The colors especially look great.

  9. Very nice Kfir. The AMK produces a better result than the Kinetic (which is what I built.) It looks like the AMK avoided the mistake of horribly fitting intakes that Kinetic made.

    • I was pretty satisfied with the fitting of most of the parts. The only Major issue was with the back lower fairing, there fitting was poor, aboundant stirene and putty were required. Fortunatly that area do not display a lot of surface detail.

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