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Crashed space ship

June 27, 2022 · in Sci-fi · 7 · 1.4K

This diorama was inspired by reading a compilation book of the art of sci fi artist Chris Foss. If you ever read a science fiction paperback printed in the 70s or 80s there is a good chance he did the art work for the cover.

I wanted something asymmetric as this is very much a feature of Chris's art.

The ship is an ancient derelict that has become a place of worship for the indigenous locals.

The model itself is 3D printed and painted in mostly Tamiya acrylics.

The miniatures are various free ones i found on thingyverse and scaled down to the same approximate scale as the ship.

Approximate scale is 1:144.

The base is mostly made from insulation board and filler.

I used clear 2 part casting resin for the river (first time doing a water feature and quite happy with the results)

Weathering is a combination of pigments and oils.

I did not show any rust effects as i assumed such a high tech ship would probably not be made of iron.

Anyway, hope you like it

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7 responses

  1. An amazing diorama, Paul @paulsutt542
    Great 3D printing and beautiful work on the water indeed.
    Well done.

  2. Wow! This is superb, Paul!
    A gorgeous model and definitely one you don't see every day!
    Keep them coming!

  3. Really nice looking space ship, Paul (@paulsutt542). Paint and construction are well done. Your imagination and skill have created an interesting diorama.

  4. Your dio certainly captures Foss' work. I remember his covers as well. A cousin had all of his 80s collections based on his artwork.

  5. Still have the large format Foss postbook (1976) my Father once owned , You really capture the look in shape and colours !

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. Nice looking build/diorama!

  7. Chris Foss's work is pure inspirational. Classic! Well done.

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