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Crashed space ship

This diorama was inspired by reading a compilation book of the art of sci fi artist Chris Foss. If you ever read a science fiction paperback printed in the 70s or 80s there is a good chance he did the art work for the cover. I wanted [...]

T800 Terminator

This model is a 1:9 scale diorama inspired by one of the first scenes from the classic 'Terminator 2' film. The model is the old Halycon kit which i picked up off Ebay. The base is scratch built using insulation foam. The skulls were 3D [...]

Gundam robot suit

This is a little diorama featuring a Bandai Gundam mobile suit (i honestly cant remember which one). The robot is 1/60 while the figures are 1/72 so not an exact match but fairly close. The suit is built pretty much out of the box with the [...]

Project Orion nuclear spacecraft

This project started with the Revell 1:144 Saturn 5 rocket kit, however I wanted to do something a bit different with it. Project Orion was a spacecraft concept that the USA seriously considered in the late 1950s and early 60’s. The [...]

Crashed imperial star destroyer

Hello all. This diorama shows a crashed imperial star destroyer. I’ve tried to show a story with this diorama. The ship has taken heavy damage to its bridge causing it to crash land on a fairly hospitable planet. The diorama is shown a [...]

Luftwaffe flying saucer

A small diorama for all the conspiracy theorists out there. This is the Revell 1/72 Haunebu flying saucer dissolving a Russian tank with its ‘death beam’. In all fairness the kit does not actually come with such a weapon (instead it [...]

Blake’s 7 Liberator

Hello all. This is my latest lockdown project, the ‘Liberator’ from the classic 1970s BBC series ‘Blake’s 7’. If your not familiar with it, Blake’s 7 followed the escapades of a group of freedom fighters opposing a dystopian [...]

TIE interceptor vs X wing

Hello all. This is a small Starwars diorama showing a brave TIE interceptor pilot defending the space lanes from rebel scum. The kits used were the Revell snap together kits. There is a slight scale difference between them but In this [...]

Babylon 5 heavy cruiser 3D printed kit

Hello all. This is a model from the classic 1990s sci fi series ‘Babylon 5’. It is the Earth Force ‘heavy cruiser’ (sometimes refers to as the Hyperion) This project was a first for me as it was constructed from a 3D printed kit [...]

London taxi (post apocalypse)

Hello all. This is my first attempt at a car model, a 1/24 scale London taxi cab with a distinctly post apocalypse look to it. The kit is by Aoshima and the figure by Master box Ltd. All the armour panels and mesh windows as well as the [...]