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Gundam robot suit

This is a little diorama featuring a Bandai Gundam mobile suit (i honestly cant remember which one). The robot is 1/60 while the figures are 1/72 so not an exact match but fairly close. The suit is built pretty much out of the box with the only [...]

Project Orion nuclear spacecraft

This project started with the Revell 1:144 Saturn 5 rocket kit, however I wanted to do something a bit different with it. Project Orion was a spacecraft concept that the USA seriously considered in the late 1950s and early 60’s. The space race[...]

Crashed imperial star destroyer

Hello all. This diorama shows a crashed imperial star destroyer. I’ve tried to show a story with this diorama. The ship has taken heavy damage to its bridge causing it to crash land on a fairly hospitable planet. The diorama is shown a number o[...]

Luftwaffe flying saucer

A small diorama for all the conspiracy theorists out there. This is the Revell 1/72 Haunebu flying saucer dissolving a Russian tank with its ‘death beam’. In all fairness the kit does not actually come with such a weapon (instead it has 3 turr[...]

Blake’s 7 Liberator

Hello all. This is my latest lockdown project, the ‘Liberator’ from the classic 1970s BBC series ‘Blake’s 7’. If your not familiar with it, Blake’s 7 followed the escapades of a group of freedom fighters opposing a dystopian galactic government.[...]

TIE interceptor vs X wing

Hello all. This is a small Starwars diorama showing a brave TIE interceptor pilot defending the space lanes from rebel scum. The kits used were the Revell snap together kits. There is a slight scale difference between them but In this context I [...]

Babylon 5 heavy cruiser 3D printed kit

Hello all. This is a model from the classic 1990s sci fi series ‘Babylon 5’. It is the Earth Force ‘heavy cruiser’ (sometimes refers to as the Hyperion) This project was a first for me as it was constructed from a 3D printed kit (bought of eBay)[...]

London taxi (post apocalypse)

Hello all. This is my first attempt at a car model, a 1/24 scale London taxi cab with a distinctly post apocalypse look to it. The kit is by Aoshima and the figure by Master box Ltd. All the armour panels and mesh windows as well as the base are[...]

Starfury launch bay

This is the old Revel Babylon 5 starfury kit. I wanted to make a nicer stand for it than the kit offering and, anyway, one thing led to another and I ended up with a scratch built launch cradle and bay. The kit has a few modifications including [...]

That’s no moon!

Hello all. This project is a completely scratch built model of every bodies favourite weapon of mass destruction, “The Death Star”. The model is constructed in a similar way to the actual studio model for ‘Starwars episode 4 a new hope’. I used [...]