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Warning: Bill Koppos has been hacked

June 24, 2022 · in News · 5 · 575

Just want you all to know that if you correspond with our friend Bill Koppos, you may get an email from "William Koppos" from an email "[email protected]" - while the "handle" is right, the server is wrong. He's so old-fashioned he's still using that "original server" nobody else uses anymore. ( 🙂 )

"William" will ask you if you are able to buy things on Amazon. I was lazy enough (and busy enough) to answer "yes." Then I got an email asking me to take out a $150 Amazon gift card and send it to his aunt, since today is her birthday, at the email address supplied. Because Amazon is refusing to accept his card, which he's working on and will be fixed, but too late for "auntie's" birthday. "and I will send you a check to cover this."

That finally got through the heat and woke up the "little grey cells" sufficient to realize it was a scam. Checking Bill's address in my addy book confirmed.

I wrote the scammer the kind of response you would expect from "the dread TC" 🙂

But watch out - if you correspond with Bill, it's always with BILL. He doesn't even like "William."

You have been warned.

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  1. Thanks Tom, to hell with scammers.

  2. Yep, got one as well. Didn't open it, just hit delete as it looked specious.

  3. Thank you Tom (Cleaver)! I initially got a little 'feeler' which sounded a little weird, but lazily replied. Then a second email with the gift card thing and I knew something was fishy because I know Bill's writing style like I know his voice- words did not pass the smell test. Then I noticed the and 'William"... definitely a scumbag cyber-rat somewhere.

    Kudos for vigilance Tom (Bebout)!

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