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Dassault Rafale.

December 12, 2022 · in Aviation · 20 · 0.7K

Another pretty French aircraft in my opinion. This is the Hobby Boss 1/48 scale kit, which is labelled as the 'C' model.

After studying dozens (hundreds?) of photos on the web I concluded that it was probably one of the early ones as there is only one marking option: for a black aircraft with minimal markings. After a search to find a better selection, I found a superb set of decals by Syh@rt, a French limited edition, which I found absolutely superb, although my eyesight is not up to placing all the tiny stencils provided on the sheet! The kit I found to be accurate in shape, with an acceptable fit, but falling short in the instruction department, with very poor drawings, particularly for the undercarriage. Load out options & placements seem to be somewhat inaccurate, but fixable & on the whole I am pleased with the result. It would be nice to see one from Kinetic if they read this post!

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  1. Great looking Rafale Tony! I agree with you on the appeal of this aircraft. By rule, I restrain my kit selections to US subjects, but it'd be dishonest to say that this aircraft hasn't tempted me to break that rule... Maybe one day. 🙂 In the meantime, yours is a treat to look at.

    • Thanks Andrew. Maybe I can help you 'bend' your rule. The French navy used the 'M' Rafale on exercises with a USN carrier. There are supporting photos on the web. There you go!

  2. It is a pretty Aircraft, nice work, Tony!

  3. Of all the modern 5G fighters, the Rafale is the only one I like. You've done a great job with this kit and gotten a super result.

  4. A superb result, utterly realistic, Tony! Your model is as beautiful as the real thing!

  5. Just like the shapes of the real aircraft, your build is absolutely beautiful, Tony @tony-prince
    Well done.

  6. Nice work, Tony! The Rafale is my favorite modern fighter.

  7. Certainly a beautiful model of an attractive aircraft.

  8. Very nice Tony! The Rafale is an elegant-looking aircraft, and you brought her to life nicely.

  9. Really nice job on this bird. Dassault knows how to make great looking fighters. I've been toying with building a Rafale for some time.

  10. Thanks Greg. Now's the time! There are two kits in 1/48 that I know of, Hobby Boss & Revell. I can't do a comparison though, but I do agree with you about Dassault.

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