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F-16 Mania!ESCI 1/12th Fighting Falcon Cockpit

December 28, 2022 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.3K

After my Tamiya 1/48 build earlier this year, I came across this 1/12th kit on E-Bay by . Which, I've seen before, and I figured it would complement the 1/48th build on the shelf. And given my admiration for this incredible aircraft, I had to build it.

It is an older kit, I'd say mid-late 80's, so the two biggest issues I had were decals that were weak, prone to tear easily, and the air tubes on the ACES II ejection seat were very brittle. Had I known just how delicate they were, I would have replaced them. But, once I secured them to the harnesses, I was all in at that point, no turning back.

All paint was Tamiya, light gull grey for the tub and ejection frame, flat black on the control panels, then used the back of my hobby knife to score and expose the grey primer in between the panels. Good amount of small knobs and switches were air brushed separately, then applied with Mig Ultra glue, with Tamiya Clear on the instruments to give a glass effect. I applied a slight line of red on some of the knob dials for extra detail.

No major fitting issues, I just really stayed patient and methodical, working in stages that came together at the end very nicely. Referencing YouTube builds on the same kit was useful, one guy wired up the cockpit to bring light behind the major displays with a push of a button, which I thought was very cool. The HUD glass display was angle beveled gently with the x-actor knife for a better fit in the frame, and that worked out well.

Further comments are on the pics. Thanks for checking out my latest build, keep on modeling, and Happy New Year!

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  1. Very cool Joe! I've seen one built up before, but still awesome to see. Are the belts fabric?

    The USAF Museum has an F-16 simulator to sit in, and it's always one of my favorite to climb into!

    • Thanks Andrew! The belts are a fabric that came with the model as adhesive-backed decals, and had some thickness to them. I just dirtied 'em up a bit, tried to lay them with some folding. My son is stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB, will need to hit that museum up, for sure.

  2. EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! Great builds!

  3. Both models look great, nice work. I have 2 of the F-16 cockpits in my stash along with the F-104 cockpit kit. I am currently building an old Revell 1/32 scale F-104 your work gives me an idea as to what to do with the F-104 cockpit kit.

    • Appreciate it, Mike. I've sorta been sucked into the after-market craze when it comes to cockpit detailing, mostly with the Quinta Studio 3-D panels. No doubt their details are amazing, but I think the old school of black panels with subtle highlighting (the snow brush I referenced) is still very effective. And there is something more satisfying using your owns skills and handiwork vs. slapping on decals in the cockpit (IMO).

      Good friend of mine is a huge F-104 fan, so that build is on my radar as a gift to him.

  4. I agree with all the previous comments, both models look great, Joe (@jroamer). I still have the F-104 cockpit floating around in the stash that I will build one day. I built the Eduard Bf-110 instrument panel a few years ago that I think was 1/12, but these cockpits are much more complete.

  5. Amazing job, Joe!
    You don't see this kit built too often, let alone in such excellence!

  6. A not so often seen subject, but great performance, Joe @jroamer
    The seat as well as the supporting F16 do look superb.

  7. Something a little different, Joe, thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Very cool Joe! 😎 🍻

  9. Nice one Joe! @jroamer

    Given your fascination for this aircraft, maybe an idea to join the following group?
    It has been set up to honour the 50th anniversary of the Viper.

  10. Man, I think is such a cool model to build, paint, and display. Excellent job. Thanks for sharing. G

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