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Buddy building the Accurate Miniatures 24th scale McClaren

April 3, 2024 · in Automotive · · 7 · 198

I was so impressed with the amount of detail this kit provided that I had to share my discovery with my model buddy Mark Box. The more I raved about it, the more interested Mark became, so we decided to each build one so we could share the experience. We did not put a deadline on the project which turned out to be a wise decision.

It did not take long to find that all that detail was going to require lots of test fitting and that the smart move was to stick to the instructions one step at a time and to carefully study the illustrations, otherwise you will find yourself in trouble later in the build. Having said that, we still spent a lot of time on the phone helping each other out through some of the more difficult stages of the project.

You can see in the photos we decided to each build different cars and that Mark chose to use the complete body whereas I chose to leave the rear shell off the car. My thinking was that was where most of the detail (and work) was and therefore I did not want to hide it inside the bodywork.

After several months the project was completed. Both Mark and I were glad it was over and said we would never build another project that complex again. Accurate Miniature did a fine job on the kit, but we both spent a lot of time and effort correcting our own mistakes.

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  1. Wow, Jack, that’s a very impressive model of one of the great McLaren M8s from the long gone but not forgotten Can-Am racing series. I see that the F1 team have adopted the traditional McLaren orange livery recently.

  2. Fantastic job, Jack!

  3. A couple of beautiful builds on display here. Bravo! @camaro1

  4. They look like the real thing to me. Great work all the way around.

  5. Very impressive result on both, Jack @camaro1

  6. Great job, love McClarens. Those kits are hard to come by!

  7. Nicely done Jack and Mark.

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