Review: Eduard 1/48 Royal Class P-51B Mustang Review

May 17, 2024 · in Reviews · · 1 · 158
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  1. Just a quick note or two on this kit.

    The 3D printed seats have US harnesses on them and the petiteness of some parts is amazing. Each PE fret comes with one US harness and RAF Sutton harness. So that is six sets.

    There is one 3D instrument panel decals. Two PE instrument panels. And counting the errata sheet 12 instrument panel decals.

    So the model builder is really set for spares or the odd Overtree.

    For those with decals for 23rd or 51st Razorbacks in China, the DF loop and boot can be found on Sprue S. Parts S1 and S37.

    Happy times.

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