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North American P-51 Mustang

Ike's Mustang

I recently finished another D-Day / Operation Overlord model with invasion stripes to add to my collection of 20+ aircraft. As you can see from the first photo General Eisenhower used to sneak out with a pilot to obtain upcoming battle [...]

P-51D Lt. Robert W. Williams 100th FS, 332nd FG. 1945.

This kit of a Red Tails P-51D, is one that I never heard of, Premium Hobbies, It's a nice kit and went together well but I think that the shape is a little off. My niece got this for Christmas, they are finally listening to me, 1/72 kits [...]

P-51H Mustang, 1/72

This my P-51H in 1/72 scale, built from the RS Models kit. The kit was quite heavily modified to correct some shape issues, and I used the undercarriage and some of the photo-etch from the CMR kit. The model represents the aircraft flown [...]

Swiss Mustang J-2064

North American Mustang P-51D J-2064 Training Course Aviator 21 Squadron Dübendorf 1949. Kit 1:48 Hasegawa

ICM 1/48th Scale P-51B

Hi All! One may hazard a guess from the Mig-3 and Yak-9 I built from ICM, that all of their kits are, well (I'll be nice) not up to modern standards. That is not true. ICM's twin-stage Merlin Spitfire series was the best on the market [...]

P-51D MustangTamiya 1/32

Here is my finally completed Tamiya P-51D. It represents the aircraft of Captain Henry W. Brown, leading ace of the 354th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group and its second most decorated pilot. (This is photograph 12694 from the [...]

Accurate Miniatures, 1:48 Scale, North American P-51C, "Mustang"

Pulling this one from the "Way Back Machine" for "Throw Back Thursday". Sans Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley, of course... Anyway, I was in my 'Laboratory' organizing storage when I happened to see this old kit and [...]

North American P-51B Mustang, 1/48, Tamiya TAM61042

Received this amazing kit as a Christmas present from my good friend Spiros @fiveten. Together we started a groupbuild of a P51 and A36 which ended up in a group with lots of enthusiastic members taking part as well. A lot of techniques [...]

MARY NELL – Uncle Harold’s Checkertail P-51 D Mustang

When I was growing up, my Uncle Harold Taylor was a really big deal to the younger cousins. Not just because he'd been a fighter pilot in World War II and a POW, but because his P-51D Mustang - named for our mother's cousin our Aunt Mary [...]

ICM 1/48 P-51 Mustang: Nightmare NMF Project

This project took the joy out of model building which isn't good for my 6th build. The ICM kit was subpar by every standard. The instructions didn't include the paint scheme or decal layout for the box art version which is what I built. [...]