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North American P-51 Mustang fighter

Bud's other "Old Crow"Airfix P-51D

I realized just now that I never posted a full article on Bud Anderson's other "Old Crow," the P-51D-15 he flew during his second tour with the 357th. I did this with the Airfix 1/48 P-51D when it came out back in 2015. I had the [...]

Bud Anderson's P-51B "Old Crow"

The Airplane: After my friend Brigadier General Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson passed away on 17 May 2024, and having received review copies of the new Bullseye decals for 357th Fighter Group P-51Bs, I decided to make this model of Bud’s [...]

RAF Mustang MK III 112 Squadron, Italy,1944 Tamiya 1/48

Got this kit from a friend who peeled off the previous paint without finishing the build,so,it was sanded,got its parts joined and then repainted...hope you like it.

Invasion Stripes: Commemorating D-Day with 'Flight 19'

With the 80th Anniversary of the Normandy landings and the campaign that followed upon us, a small group of iModelers who now stay in regular contact outside of the site set up a group build to depict ‘Invasion Stripes’. This pays [...]

Invasion Stripes: Williams Villian, Mustang P-51D 352nd Fighter Group, Tamiya 1/48

It is always fairly difficult to find operations and tasking for individual aircraft. It is fair to say that The Blue Nosed ‘Basterds’ of Bodney were huge players over Normandy in 1944 and then beyond. June 1st to 5th The 352nd Fighter [...]

Invasion Stripes / Flight 19 P-51B Mustang Viscous Virgie, The Flying Scott

This is the old 1/48 scale Tamiya P-51B Mustang... or is it ? It also happens to the the VERY FIRST razorback Mustang I have built in about 20 years. With those being the Accurate Miniatures kits which were pretty nice. Say it isn't [...]

Review: P-51B "Little Jeep"experimenting with Super Metallics

Between 1942, when the American Volunteer Group was disbanded, and 1944, US air forces in China were a shoestring operation at the end of a long supply line, operating in a theater of operations that was considered secondary by the Allies. [...]

P-51D "Miss Hellen": 1:1 and 1:48th scales

The currently "Miss Hellen" adorned Mustang started its operational career in Bodney Norfolk and was assigned to the 487th Fighter Squadron of the 352nd Fighter Group of the Eight AF in April 1945. After being in storage, it was [...]

Review: Eduard 1/48 Royal Class P-51B Mustang Review

Review: Eduard 1/48 P-51B "Salem Representative"

During September, 1943, rumors abounded among pilots in the fighter groups regarding things to come. Word of the first flight of the P-51B in Los Angeles spread through the world of Air Force fighter pilots like wildfire. When Chesley [...]