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Retired ecologist. Spent my professional career researching wildlife and particularly, elephants in Botswana. While I have a PPL, I only fly in warbirds because I find general flying tedious. (Sorry).
Models have been along periodically, since childhood. But, my heart since retirement is in classical music playing the piano.

Trumpeter 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. IV D & F Fahrgestell munitionsschlepper

A glimpse of the might and innovative nature of the German army is revealed when putting Trumpeter's 3 related models together. The Karl Gerat 60cm mortar is positioned with its dedicated ammunition carrier and railway transport [...]

Special Hobby 1/48 Firefly Mk. I

Although not glamorous like the Seafire, the Firefly earned its respectful place among the Fleet naval fighters. As a model, it adds credit to your collection. Yet, with the wings folded, it shines. Special Hobby's Firefly has good [...]

Trumpeter 1/35 Morser Karl Gerat 040/41

Eva was the second self-propelled 60 cm siege mortar produced and saw action in the Eastern Front. Trumpeter's Karl is a highly detailed model that builds into a menacing looking mortar once completed. The parts number is high but, the [...]

1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk. I

Up until Airfix came with their 1/48th scale Walrus, Classic Airframes' was the best option in that scale. The latter, a limited run kit is work intensive by its nature. Moreover, it is a biplane with complex wing parts assembly and [...]

Trumpeter 1/35 T-62 model 1960

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Valley of Tears abandoned Syrian T-62 filled the battleground. I chose two schemes of the Syrian army serving at the same front with contrasting camouflage schemes. The venerable Trumpeter T-62 model [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 Fairey Gannet

A limited run kit with resin parts is a sure sign of ample dry fitting. Classic Airframes' Gannet is no exception. Yet. I like the looks of this big and rugged naval aircraft. The mold of plastic parts is basic. To add insult, the kit [...]

Meng 1/35 M911 C-HET

A highly detailed and a well-engineered model. I added Tamiya's M1A1 Abrams on top of the trailer. Two major drawbacks of the Meng kit; rubber tires that after a year had big cracks. Thanks to the large number of tires, I swooped them [...]

Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt Me-262B 1a/U1

Here is my favorite topic, unfortunately limited due to the handful of aircraft produced. The model plastic is nicely engraved and separated control surfaces are provided including slats. However, the model does not offer more details by [...]

Meng 1/35 9K37M1 BUK launcher

An excellent kit by Meng

Special Hobby & Italeri 1/48 Viggen AJ, AJS 37 & SK 37E

The Viggen is a great aircraft. There are plenty of photographs including in flight that show intricate weathering patterns. Special Hobby's ex Tarangus molds captures well the lines of the aircraft. It is a short run kit that requires [...]