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Phantom 1/48 F-4G "Wild Weasel"

April 19, 2024 · in Aviation · · 21 · 240

The Phabolous as a both by and . Hasegawa's Phantom is presented it the first three photographs and the Meng Phantom follows. The Meng kit is much better engineered and more detailed. It also includes more ordnance options. Care must be taken to dry fit and trim the subassemblies of the cockpit and front undercarriage bay. these components are oversized and will create large seams if not trimmed. Although the mold is nicely engraved, the Meng Phantom has basic cockpit components and the related decals do not compensate for the barren look.

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  1. Both are phantastic, Rafi!

  2. I like them both, really cool models but…which is Hase and which is Meng?I assume the fully armed is Meng

  3. More beauties by you, Rafi. Question...what's your secret to completing so many models in such short time periods? Seems like you're sharing one each week with us...ALL very fine builds.

  4. An amazing couple of Phantoms, Rafi @blackmopane

  5. Very nice results on both, Rafi.

    I had the ride of my life - the best roller-coaster ever - when Air Force Magazine gave me an assignment in 1982 to fly with the Wild Weasels (in an F-4E) for a photo-spread/article on them for the magazine. I have some new decals for the F-4G in the overall SEA scheme they were wearing then, and it turns out the airplane on the sheet is one of the airplanes I photographed - the one Col. Sam "Papa Bear" Peacock was in. Unfortunately I made the mistake of trying to fit an Aires cockpit into the Hasegawa kit it was "designed for" - if I finish it and set everything externally at "correct angles" and don't photograph it from certain angles, I think I can get away with it.

    • Thank you Tom;
      Lucky you to had the chance to fly in a Phantom. Fortunately for me, I did not look back for the missed opportunity. I could have become a navigator, but declined. Back seat is not an option.

  6. Very nice pair of F-4s Rafi. Outstanding paint work as usual. I really love me them Phantoms!😉

  7. Wonderful work on both! Something about a Phantom that makes it look sexy just sitting there!

  8. Excellent build as usual. As for the semi barren cockpit... looks like investing in 3D decals will probably be an option.

  9. You had me at "Phantom!" Lovely birds!

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