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Ill tempered, foul mouthed, trouble prone individual with marked tendencies towards general unpleasantness. Shoot on sight (or give a banana, it might work, too).

Revell Tornado IDS / GR1

I've always liked the Tornado. It's a brute of an aircraft, it flies low (very low) and fast (very fast), it steers a bit like a cruise ship and it carries enough ordnance to ruin anyone's day (and it has done so quite a lot of times). So [...]

Mc Donnell Douglas F-101 C VoodooKitty Hawk

My friend Tom Cleaver already posted an article about Kitty Hawk Voodoo. As I can be pretty stubborn (there are a couple of subjects you won't change my mind about unless you're able to hypnotize an anvil), I decided the warnings I read [...]