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I am a Mexican modeler and pilot too, I fly business airplanes like Lear jets, Citation and Falcons; I make almost every model airplane but only 1/48 scale and I say almost because I never make a WW I airplane but I try to make one in the future

Another Old Academy 1/48 Model, Sukhoi Su-27

Sadly by the time when I made this model I'm only have 3 photos has information, so the color are no right and I really don’t know if the scheme it’s right or not, but I really like it, what do you think?

My 1/48 Scale MiG-29 by Academy

Another 1/48 Hasegawa kit Bf-109F-4

1/48 G4M Mitsubishi ‘Betty’

Tell me the truth, what do you think, I can handle the truth! ?

1/48 Another Old Hasegawa kit F-15E Strike Eagle

1/48 F-4J Phantom, The Old Hasegawa

First place National Model Contest in Mexico 2017

B-57B Canberra 1/48

First place on National Model contest in Mexico 2018

1/48 Mustang P-51D by Airfix

My first Airfix model and I must say, beautiful model OOB