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” La curiosité est un vilain défaut”

Been working on this the last couple of months, got the idea while thinking about what I could do with the Meng FT-17 kit that I had in my stash, wanted a “reason” to display it with all hatches open.
The title roughly translates to the expression “curiosity killed the cat”.

The tank is as mentioned Meng’s 1/35 FT-17 with cast turret and complete interior, wagon and the standing figure are from Master box, the curious boy from Mantis and the repair team from Tahk. The shed and wall is a MiniArt kit. Accessories are mostly from my spare parts or scratch built. The tree is also scratch built, air drying clay over a wire frame and leaves cut out with RP toolz leaf maker (about 6000 of them).

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to ” La curiosité est un vilain défaut”

  1. A very nice story here. Excellent work on all points.

  2. Great little dio and look at that workshop and tree! Amazing work Daniel, kudos!

  3. Quality workmanship throughout on this neat little vignette. Nice job indeed.

  4. Great work! Everything: the tree! the figures! the tank itself etc. and a vivid scenery!

  5. What a great build!
    I also have a Meng FT-17 kit on my to-do list sitting on my shelf, but I doubt that my build will be as good as yours.

  6. Thank you all very much!

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