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I am HJ Yun, a 43-year-old office worker in Seoul, South Korea, who have my own family with a wife and two kids (daughter and son). My interest lies mainly on military (jet) airplanes. I really hope to share a pleasure that a hobby modeling brings to me with other modelers around the world. I run my modeling blog, “HJ Modeling”. (

MiG-23MLD ‘Last Flogger’

My 'Red 06' represents the last Soviet Flogger in East Germany, which featured 4-color camo and R-73 capability. It belonged to 833 IAP but returned to Russia in May 1992 due to the end of the Cold War. Their MiG-23MLD fleet were equipped with u[...]

F-4E 3rd TFW ‘Bataan’

It was the year of 2002, that I built 1/48 shark-mouthed F-4E. Since 2012, I have focused on 1/72 scale only, but have been eager to make this F-4E again in that scale, wearing this sharkmouth that, I believe, is the most handsome of all shark-m[...]

Macchi C.202 Folgore ‘Franco Lucchini’

Hi, iModeler friends. Here's my second post - Macchi C.202 flown by Capt. Franco Lucchini. Built from Hasegawa 1/72 kit. In 2005, I read Sky Model magazine and found Mr. Arrigo Babini's fantastic MC.202. From then, I've been dreaming of making [...]

JASDF F-2A ‘8SQ Black Panthers’

Hi, My name is Hyeon-Jung "HJ" Yun, from South Korea. I'm focusing on modern jet fighters in 1/72 scale and willing to hear many comments and critics from other modelers. This is my 1st post on iModeler. Used Hasegawa 1/72 kit(E15) and DMX deca[...]