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F-4E 3rd TFW ‘Bataan’

It was the year of 2002, that I built 1/48 shark-mouthed F-4E. Since 2012, I have focused on 1/72 scale only, but have been eager to make this F-4E again in that scale, wearing this sharkmouth that, I believe, is the most handsome of all shark-mouthed F-4s. This is my outcome in 2019, running 17 years.

Hasegawa F-4E kit, Aires cockpit & Nozzle, XMM seamless Intake, Eduard AIM-9J & Mk.82 bombs are adopted. Sharkmouth decal comes from Hasegawa F-4G #00954 kit, Bataan decal from Microscale, and stencils from IsraDecal. As a weekend modeler with 2 kids, I spent 11 months on building this.

I hope you all enjoy!

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8 responses to F-4E 3rd TFW ‘Bataan’

  1. Wow, getting such masterpiece in 1/48 scale or bigger was already a worthy feat, but in 1/72? Just amazing, no doubt one of the best Phantoms I’ve seen by a long shot, Congratulations Hyeong-Jung!
    P.S.- I know the feeling of having little bench time, trust me 11 months is a reasonable timing all things considering, especially the model quality

  2. Phabolous Phantom! Great work!

  3. 1/72? Surely you jest!

    Definitely some beautiful work and a great result.

  4. Absolutely perfect work on this scale !!!! Hat down, Mr. modeler!

  5. she looks great loaded for bear

  6. Superb, I like the underside weathering especially.

  7. As a Phantom aficionado, she is a BEAUTY!! That’s a real masterpiece, and I’ll use that as a reference for my on-going Phantom project. Nicely done.

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