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50 years old modeler with young hearth. My favourites are aicrafts after WW II scale 1/48.
My FCB page I am member of Modeláři Kelč, Czech Republic

From H-75 to P-36

I build this Academy kit a few years ago, but in french version and camo. But now i want to my colection this plane in US pre war camo...color down, some adjustments and new color and decals. And voila... Result 🙂

My Spitfire Story

I want build as many as possible various types, various camouflages and various producers. Only scale will be same 1/48. Finished Hasegawa, Eduard, Hobbycraft and Special Hobby. On table ICM and Airfix. And on stash... 🙂

My 2021 kits

Happy new year my friends, i wish you very good time with our hobby. 🙂

Pee Pjin JR-1 Hua Shang Ling 1/48 Chinatown Whatif Model

Chinese fighter, a cheaper answer to the Russian Su-34. It is characterized by the absence of a kitchen for long flights, due to the placement of a box of rice and chopsticks under the seats. The only known film was alienated by the Czech [...]

McDonnell Douglas RF-4E 1/48 Italeri

Interesting plane, but not much interesting kit. I love japan colors. I used some PE parts to cockpit and resin nozzles for Hasegawa kit. And cargo nad recon pods are homemade.

Supermarine Spiteful 1/48 Trumpeter

I bought this kit last weeked on exhibition in Tovačov (Czech republic) I know this is not super correct kit, but i very like this bird. He was born too late and his life was too short. And i did this what if marking.


My personal tribute to Spitfire this year. Hasegawa, Special Hobby, Eduard. Some wrong( Israel was without guns), but i am happy. Never forget sound over Duxford.

Spitfire Mk.Vc RAAF 1/48 Special Hobby

Not easy kit like Gawa or Eduard or Tamiya, but i like picture on box. This camo is super. Color on top i mixed from Tamiya. Some mistakes, but finished. First problem fit, second decals, and last - cover cockpit.

F-18 Spanish Aggressor

I build many years ago this bird on 1/72 scale, paint by brush. Now this my new on 1/48 OOB Hobby Boss with decals from Series Espaňolas.


A few years ago i build kits for my friend and he sell this to world 🙂 This twins i want back to my stash all time 🙂 Now i buy that kit and plane rebuild 🙂