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I come from a country some people don’t even know where it is located…

Italy – The sun and … Rhubarb?

Rhubarb - It was the code name for attacking ground targets by fighter formations. In 1944, the Luftwaffe was in a decisive retreat and many divisions were trained to attack ground targets. This was also the case with the 601 squadron that was s[...]

A bit of exoticism, i.e. oval wings over the Solomon Islands.

I remember quite well when I bought the first Spitfire from the matchbox kit in elementary school. It was a great joy! The model seemed difficult to me then, requiring working with a modeling knife. Of course, everything was painted with brushes[...]

From Pearl Harbour to Calvary – The history of Mitsuo Fushida closed in small model of plane

I met the character of Mitsuo Fushida for the first time while watching, not so long ago, quite old (but very good) movie "Tora Tora Tora". A slim man with a characteristic mustache with a sense of his mission. As it turns out, his biggest missi[...]

The legendary Hayabusa.

The Hayabusa, or Peregrine Falcon, was a new fighter plane that introduced modern trends in Army aviation, such as the retractable landing gear and high maximum speed. Much emphasis was placed on the maneuverability of the aircraft (at the expen[...]

Vintage Modeling. Aichi D3A1 Val – The kit from the 80’s in a contemporary version.

The Battle of the Coral Sea was probably the first topic of the War in the Pacific that I became interested in already in elementary school. I was very interested in the randomness of actions, where the proverbial happiness of the fighting parti[...]

Hamp Over Salomon Islands

The history of the fighting around the Solomon Islands has always amazed me. The Japanese had a sea advantage, but the losses they suffered were, unlike the Americans, impossible to make up for. while for the US navy, the loss of several dozen s[...]

A6M2b Oita advanced Flying School

I had a desire to make an airplane in the painting of the school unit. And this is how this Zero-Sen model from the Oita flight school was created. I did an attractive painting of the lower surfaces with H24 paint. Cockpit details such as instru[...]

A6M5 HEI 303 Air Group, Kagoshima Prefecture 1945.

A long time ago I wanted to build a Zero-Sen Hasegawa 1:72 model. Then, however, it did not come out as I would have liked. I have come back to the subject again with much more experience and now I present the results. Works finished two weeks ago.

A6M5 HEI “Never GIve UP!”

Hello. This is my first work presented on this website. A6M5 HEI Academy - Saburo Sakai "Never Give Up!". Yokosuka Kaigun Kokutai ヨ-137 Japan 1945. An amazing story locked in the plane of the famous pilot Saburo Sakai San. I added some parts li[...]