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I come from a country some people don't even know where it is located...
I have been a fan of modeling since early childhood. I am particularly interested in II WW in the Pacific theatre, especially those related to the Auatralia area and War in Western Desert. Auatralia itself has always fascinated me as well as the fights of Auatralian soldiers and airmen. I live on the other side of the world in Poland, but I hope to visit Australia someday. 🙂

Bristol Beaufort mk.I Airfix 1/72

(link) This build was one of my fav, togeather with Airfix Wellington. All fits with only minor issues (main gear flaps need a little sanding in montage pins)! Very Fun Build! As usual I used aftermarket decals to make 489 RNZAF squadron, [...]

B-24 D 1/72 Academy "The Squaw", Operation Tidal Wave.

(link) This is my second attempt at the B-24 Liberator model from the Academy brand and I must say that it was one of the most pleasant builds I have had recently. Thanks to the experience from the previous construction, I was already [...]

De Havilland Mosquito PR.XVI Airfix 1/72 25th Bomb Group Rcn England 1944.

(link) This is my summary project of the entire model section regarding Operation Frantic, i.e. the mission From England and Italy to Soviet-occupied Ukraine in 1944. This time it was a special mission, because Frantic VII was a supply [...]

B-17 F Academy 1/72 Operation Frantic-1 1944.

(link) Back to the past again... Academy B-17 F model from 1994. Despite the passage of time, it is still quite good, although outclassed by models from, for example, Airfix. However, the pleasure of an older model is enormous, especially [...]

P-51 B Kovozavody Prostejov Operation Frantic-2

Well, it's the end of the year. This is the fourth Mustang I've built in 12 months. The latter is so special that I come back to the KP brand again, having much more experience. So this time I will start unusually with a description of the [...]

P-51 B Hasegawa 1/72, 325 FG, Operation Frantic-1

Operation frantic was shuttle missions from UK, and Italy to bases located in occupated by USSR Ukraine. After long discussions among US high-ranking commanders with Minister Molotov and Stalin, consent was given to USAAF bases in Ukraine. [...]

P-51 B Arma Hobby 31 FG Operation Frantic III

(link) Even though the model has been available for over two years, as fate would have it, I only just started buying it now. I heard a lot of good things about it and I approached its construction with very positive energy, having [...]

Grumann TBF-1c Avenger 1/72 Hasegawa. Lt. (JG) George Bush Plane, USS San Jacinto.

Making a model of the plane of the 41st President of the United States has been my dream for a long time. Already in primary school, I built a simple Frog TBF Avenger model. But now it's time for a more professional construction. The [...]

F6F-3 Hellcat 1:72 Cyber Hobby CV-51 USS San Jacinto.

(link) How to fly Hellcat vid: (link) I received the Hellcat model completely unexpectedly for my name day. I didn't even know that the model was available under this brand. After looking at the contents of the box, I was sure it would be [...]

Vickers Wellngton Ic 304 (Polish) Squadron RAF. Airfix 1:72.

(link) (link) Undoubtedly, I was inspired to build this model by Janusz Meissner's book entitled "Genowefa's Sting". I have no idea if it was ever published as an English version, but I consider it one of the most important books [...]