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Monogram 1/48 TBD-1 Devestator Ens. George Gay Midway 1942

This is the straight from the box except aftermarket decals and I swiped a dual 30 cal. for the rear gunner out of an Accurate Miniatures SBD-5. Always wanted to do a Torpedo 8 aircraft, and I know most people do either Commander Waldron's or Ens. Gay's...I had to go with Ens. Gay...They call him the sole survivor but technically he wasn't. There was a Torpedo 8 survivor flying their Avengers from the island of Midway that survived...But Ens Gay was the only survivor from the Hornet...Had a ring side seat for the destruction of the Japanese carriers.

I guess after looking at these pictures I should have used some filler on the leading edges of the wings...There is a little ventilation there that shouldn't be there

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Smart Devestator Chris. I know what you mean about photos showing up flaws. Even when i take pics during the build (which are good for "proofing mistakes) i see something that I missed on the final shots. Nice model regardless.

  2. Good job on that TBD. I like the Midway scheme for that plane, although their part in Midway was ill-fated. The old Monogram kit still holds up well; you can buy five Monogram kits at swap meets (or three at retail) for the price of one "Great Wall" kit...same goes for the P-61. Nice work, Chris

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