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F6F-3 Hellcat 1:72 Cyber Hobby CV-51 USS San Jacinto.

September 19, 2023 · in Aviation · · 19 · 448
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  1. F6F-3 Hellcat 1:72 Cyber Hobby CV-51 USS San Jacinto.
  2. Grumann TBF-1c Avenger 1/72 Hasegawa. Lt. (JG) George Bush Plane, USS San Jacinto.

How to fly vid:

I received the Hellcat model completely unexpectedly for my name day. I didn't even know that the model was available under this brand. After looking at the contents of the box, I was sure it would be an interesting project. In addition to the plane, the set included the deck of the aircraft carrier as a stand, figures and photo-etched belts. The model itself contains over a hundred parts, which can be described as a large number for a fighter. we have many options, such as the ability to set the wings in two positions, an open cabin, and a range of suspended weapons such as bombs and rockets. Additionally, I used a set of resin wheels and brass machine gun barrels. For the first time I made the three-color camouflage pattern, with virtually no masks on the fuselage and wings. To mask the cabin glazing, I used the Eduard set for the Academy model, which I modified a bit. There is no dedicated set on the market, so the modeller's creativity remains, but the masks fit the Academy model after a slight facelift. I invite you to check out the video presentation and photos, and Lieutenant Lis will be back soon with the next model.

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  1. You've done some very nice work on this Lis. The detail work is impressive.

    The model will achieve perfection if you tone down the deflection of the ailerons - should be a maximum 3 degrees up and 5 degrees down. This is an easy mistake to make for anyone not a pilot, and should be an easy fix.

    • @tcinla Thank You for Your professional comments!
      I just correct them☺️

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. A superb result and a great video!

  3. I like the headline photo very much.

  4. Amazing build, Lis @lis! Love the different shades of blue, the smooth/soft transition on the cowling is very beautiful.

  5. Beautiful work indeed, Lis @lis! 👍

  6. This Hellcat turned out really beautiful, Bernard @lis
    Even the close-up picture do show a perfect result.
    Well done.

  7. A very nice-looking Hellcat. Love the paint fade technique!

  8. That's a great-looking Hellcat! Well done.

  9. Nice work! Good looking flight deck!

  10. Amazing Hellcat, Lis (@lis)!
    Fantastic work all around with this kit.

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