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I came from Canary Islands, Spain, and making models since 12 years old, mainly military models, but others kind of modelling, like scyfy, likes me too.

Mig-17PF Syrian Air Force 1961-63

Hi all. After a lot of time missing, here I am again, this time with a Mig-17PF, Syrian Air Force, from HobbyCraft Canada 1/48, as usual. It's a very simple kit and was a fast built. I added some improves at cockpit, but can see nothing. [...]

P-51D Mustang. Tamiya 1/48.

Hi all Long time out of here, but still alive. This is my latest model, a well known P-51D Mustang from 8th Air Force. This is the Tamiya kit with a horrible silver plastic. I never will build another one with this kind of plastic [...]

F-104G Starfighter. 31 Sqdron. Belgian Air Force 1978. Revell 148.

Hi all This is a Revell kit with Aires resin cockpit and wheels bays. It represent a Belgian AF fighter circa 1978. Not very well adjustments but the final result looks like a Starfighter. Hope you like It Sifredo Cubas

Panzer V Panther. Müncheberg division. Berlin, april 1945.

Hi all. This is a 1/35 scale Italeri reference that has surprised me. A good mould and very good details, a little PE and a good representation of a final Panther. It represent a Müncheberg division Panther, at the end of the war. Hope [...]

Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle. Revell-Monogram 1/48

What to say about this aircraft. Probably the most known B-17, so, I go to say nothing about it. This is not my proudest modelling job. A lot of mistakes building and painting it, the mould was deformed (may be the reason was the 25 years [...]

M60A3-TTS. Infantería de Marina. Tamiya 1/35

Hi all. Another victim from my modelling workshop. This time is a restored M60A3 from Tamiya. A very old modell that I buit a long time ago with USMC colors. This time I painted it with de colors and markings of the Infantería de Marina [...]

LVT(A)-4. Iwo Jima 1945. Italeri 1/35

Hi guys. I introduce you my last model, a LVT(A)-4 in Iwo Jima, 1945. This is a Italeri kit (again) with some weakness, as all Italeri kits, but, I'm satisfied with the final look. Hope you too. No one marine figure at the moment, but it [...]

Spitfire Mk IX. 316 Sqdron. Italeri 1/48

Hi guys. This is my last victim, a Spitfire from 316 sqd. RAF. After bult the Hasegawa model of the same item, this one from Italeri looks a litle bit "less", but has been a very satisfactory built. Hope you like it. Sifredo Cubas

Sd.Kfz. 184 Panzerjäger Elefant.

Another one bites the dust... This is a very very very old model from Italeri, 1/35 scale, with handmade Zimmerit. The model represent a panzerjäger Elefant belongs to Kampfgruppen Ulbricht, 1944. This one came from I/653 Pz.Jäger [...]

MIG 21 BIS. Hungarian Air Force. Eduard 1/48 Weekend edition.

Hi all. This is my second modell finished this year. Is a Hungarian Mig 21 Bis from Eduard, at his Weekend Edition with no PE. Totally OOB but the seatbelt, that are made from adhesive film. Hope you like. Sifredo Cubas