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Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle. Revell-Monogram 1/48

September 14, 2019 · in Aviation · · 24 · 4K

What to say about this aircraft. Probably the most known , so, I go to say nothing about it.

This is not my proudest modelling job. A lot of mistakes building and painting it, the mould was deformed (may be the reason was the 25 years stored,,,), but it's a modell that I always wanted to built.
The cockpit has a lot of PE, but you can see nothing. The bomber seat has PE, but you can see nothing. The interior has so many improvements, but you can see nothing. I want to cry...

Hope you like it.

Sifredo Cubas.

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  1. No llores...

    A great tribute, not just to the men who flew these birds but to modeling itself. Twenty-five years stored and then out into the light! The story of the build, though brief, is all of our story: a classic but imperfect kit, lots of work that cannot be seen, mishaps during the build, but ultimately vindication at the reveal.

    Bien hecho, Sifredo.

  2. Was this the one that was offered at one time with a clear fuselage or is that my imagination?

    Consider it a success for persevering, and it still looks good.

    • Hi Robert.

      No this one. In this case, the fuselage interior is totaly empty, so I decide to rebuilt the body reinforces with plastic rod, add PE for seatbelts...

      Thanks for comment

  3. Looks good. I feel the same .We learn as we go and that’s all we can do.
    Once I work out my technical issues I hope to make some 1/48 scale 4 engine jobbers too.

  4. About the only way you can successfully display any interior work on a B-17 is to get a vacuformed clear nose piece that you can actually see through, fit the cockpit side windows so they're slid open, and fit the radio compartment hatch in the open position. And even then you can't see much, no matter if it's 1/72, 1/48 or 1/32. Been there/done that.

    Nice work on this despite all that.

  5. I too built a 25 year old Belle when I got back into modeling. The worst things was the 25 year old decals. All in all, a nice presentation of this wartime legend. Cheers.

  6. Great work! B-17s and Corsairs are my favourites. I've built the Monogram kit twice but not since I really learned how to build models. I still have one in the stash though along with and HK Models 1/32 version. I need some kind of giant display cabinet before I can build either though. Perhaps I can use my wife's spot in the garage for the HK B-17.

  7. Thanks for your post and photo's. It's nice to see these old kits see the light of day. They are a challenge and require a lot of work and dedication by the modeler to produce a satisfactory result. As you mentioned, all the PE and effort you put into it and not being seen, but what is seen is the model itself. Good job, you tried something new and applied skills learned. Turned out nice. Let's see some more.

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Love those MONOGRAM kits, lot's of good times as well as good memories.
    Beautiful work on that model Cubas.

  9. Nicely done! I usually focus on what I know (or am reasonably sure) will be seen. I have too many I want to build before my building days are over!

  10. Nicely done, looks great!

  11. Thank you Robert

  12. Nicely done! I've built many B-17s, never had one with external bombs though.

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