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Building for 52 years USAF Brat

I like NMF jets and use aluminum foil to make the finish
Mostly 1/32 but also 48th and a rare 72,
"Classic Plastic" from my early days
Aurora, Hawk, Lindberg, Monogram with the "working" details to dive bomb the Carpet Navy

No FAN of resin or PE detail stuff rather do it my self...or not
Mostly build "Gear-UP" in flight as an airplane is supposed to be...IMHO.

My First…..or… How to Quit Worrying and Love the Foil

Ok gang this is the aircraft I lost my Foil Virginity too ! A 21st Century Toy P-47 that I sanded the markings off except the black area. I had STARED at my adhesive bottle for a couple of YEARS and I wanted to build a 1/32 Trumpeter [...]

Aluminum Foil

A few pictures of my 1/32 Trumpeter English Electric F1A Lightning and 1/48 Monogram F-86D Dog Sabre, both in foil. The Lightning is my 2nd foil job and the Sabre is the 4th and is a proof of concept to see if foil can be used in smaller [...]