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1/32 Scale Air Show Models Aviat Pitts Special S2B

October 4, 2015 · in Aviation · · 27 · 4.6K

This is a kit that I have been searching for for quite a while now, my collection of models would be incomplete unless I had a Pitts to add.
I found this kit at Fisher Models and I had a hard time getting it to me in South Africa, the first kit that Paul sent me went missing in the post and Paul was kind enough to send me another one and cover the additional postal costs, thanks Paul, I will most certainly purchase more kits from Fisher Models as the service I received from them was nothing short of excellent.

I built this kit straight out for the box, the only thing that I scratch built was the instrument panels and I made the harnesses out of lead foil. The buckles were supplied in the kit.

This was a lovely build and all the parts fitted wonderfully, the only problem I had was that the top wing was slightly thicker on one side and I needed to sand it down and re do the wing ribs, that was the hardest part. The wings and elevator were slightly warped and that was taken care of with some hot water. The decals were a bit old so I masked and painted all the striping on the aircraft.

It is such a pity that we don't have any large scale civil aircraft on the market, I would love to build a large scale Cessna or Beechcraft.

Now to convince my Wife that I really need Paul Fisher's Sea Fury, I will think of some excuse.


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  1. Might be the colour or it might be the streamlined look of the thing, but it has a really aesthically pleasing look.

    Very nice job, Marc. I know the Fisher models aren't cheap, but I'd say the investment was well worth it.

  2. Hi Rob, Really worth it, good quality, good fit. In my opinion better than any HPH kit out there.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I agree with you Marc about the need for more civil aircraft models. Your Pitts Special looks great. I hope to see some examples of the current pylon air racers someday, as they are nicely designed and very colorful.

  4. Thanks Jack, Fisher models have a great Reno Racing Sea Fury in 1/32 scale, September Fury, i would love to build it.
    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Nicely done indeed, sir...I love it!

  7. That is great build kit im like!

  8. Thanks P.K. Much appreciated.

  9. Now you're talking Marc. What a fine job you did in this one.
    And yes I would fork out a few extra scheckles for a Cessna 150 or 172.
    Or a Beechcraft Bonanza. Now that be a bit of fun.
    Someone is going to do these. And someone is going to make a lot of money.
    California Steve

  10. Wow !, this is really nice. You did a marvelous job here.

  11. Sharp! Looks ready for a display at an airshow!

  12. said on October 4, 2015

    Hi Marc. I fully agree with you on Paul's service. Bought a Cutlass from him. Had some broken parts and it was promptly replaced. The Pitts looks awesome and a true testament to your skill! Well done!

    • Wat se jy Morne, I was at Zwartkops on Sunday, at the modeling club. Thought you might be there.
      Thanks for the comment.

      • said on October 5, 2015

        Wish I had the opportunity to be there. Unfortunately had to miss the festivities courtesy of the Deparment of Education's sports programme.

  13. Hi Marc, this definitely looks like a racer, and I love racers of all kinds, very neat job.

  14. Hi George,
    It does look a bit like a racer, with the red. Thanks for the great comment.

  15. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    It most certainly has that racing look, Looks good Marc, that red has a very nice shine too it. Nice work.

  16. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  17. Unfortunately I missed the meeting. Job well done buddy.

  18. Hey Bud, thanks for the comment, thanks as always for your motivation Bud, now, where are those pictures of the Zero?

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