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Judging interest – Nose Art group build

Ok everyone, I was sitting around watching it rain and looking at my pile of projects, all which have some great nose art to them so I decided to post and see if there would be any interest in a Nose Art Group Build.

My thoughts are – any scale, any era. Aircraft, cars, ships, whatever as long as there is some kind of artwork and it actually existed or exists. Think WWII pinups, themed color schemes (Tiger Meet), special airliner liveries, racing cars with artwork, etc. I’ll be firming up some guidelines, but if anyone has any suggestions, post here or PM me and we’ll see what happens.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

22 responses to Judging interest – Nose Art group build

  1. This is a really great idea, Jaime. You may run into some censoring issues, though…

    • David, this comes up often in discussions of whether to display swastikas on WWII German aircraft. I did clear this with Martin before posting here, as we’ve gone over this before in reference to a previous build I did a few years ago with some rather “racy” artwork. We’re all adults and I expect that everyone will use good judgement in what to post. As always, Martin retains the last word on what gets posted to the site in case something really overboard appears. And, as always, you have the option not to view anything that doesn’t agree with you. I think there is enough leeway here that everyone who participates can find something they can display.

  2. I like it! This helps me decide which direction to go with either my P-40 or P-47. So m\homemade pinups don’t count πŸ˜‰

  3. Jaime, I like it !

  4. Please count me in, Jaime. There have been a number of racing cars over the years with special artwork , especially sports cars, so we don’t have to enter something with a military theme which will make a nice change (for me at least).

  5. Jaime, I know I’ve got something in the decal bank. I’m in.

  6. Now that sounds like it could fun….I like the idea. πŸ™‚

  7. I like the idea. Can we post a model that we have already completed?

  8. Sounds good, I just happen to have something in my stash to cover this.

  9. I have an Alpha-Jet with cockpit half painted that might come into the category of themed color schemes with a commemorative fancy painting. Will this be accepted? And any ideas regarding timeline of this group build?

  10. I’m sure I’ve got something in the stash that will be acceptable.

  11. I’d like to say yes, but may depend on the time frame. I’ve got so may “want to get to” projects already lined up that I’d need time to work it in, as none of those in that line-up would qualify at the moment. I always like to participate if I can – and sometimes forces my hand to pick a subject I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of doing at the time!

  12. Hey Jaime,
    Count me in !!!! I have quite a few decal sets in the stash that would qualify. I also have been doing some research on a Dornier Do-17Z with help from Paul Nash that would fit the bill for this one.

    I have been wanting to build a B-25J that one of my relatives flew in as a top turret gunner in. He flew 56 missions and was killed when his plane was hit by an 88MM flak gun. The entire crew was lost. The plane has been posted on here before, (I think Tom Bebout built it). A B-25J named “Stuff” that flew with the 321st Bomb Group out of Corsica. He flew at least seven missions in this plane, possibly more. I planned on building this plane as a tribute to him and his crew later in the year. This will be the perfect opportunity, as I have purchased the decals and have everything in place to pull the trigger on the project.

    Please keep us posted, I have many other projects that would qualify. Excellent idea. Count me in.

  13. It looks like there is enough interest to warrant launching this group, so I’ll get started with it. Keep an eye on the Groups section for the rules of engagement and timeline. I’ll post the link here when I’m done. Good luck and have fun!

  14. Just FYI – while I did set a March 1 start date, there’s no problem if any of you would like to get started and posting your progress now.

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