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This hobby that we indulge in is just amazing, we build, in scale, replicas of the original, look at references and pictures and read the History to create the model as accurately as we can, we even try to tell a story in diorama’s. How many late nights, long hours we dedicate in the pursuit of the elusive “perfect model”.
I am a 52 year old Project Manager that loves Flying and Aircraft, I have a wonderful Wife and Daughter, and this Hobby, I am Blessed. I build Aircraft in 1/32 scale and I have built a few aircraft in 1/24 scale, from WW2 to the Vietnam era. I am also very much into scratch building 1/32 scale civil and military aircraft not found in kit form.
Please have a look at my web site

Piaggio P 166 Scratch Build 1/32 Scale Part 3, wings, Flaps, control surfaces and undercarriage.

Been a while since I have posted some progress on the P 166, so here are some pictures. Please excuse the condition of my work table, it looks like I clean up with a hand grenade. I usually take pictures as I am building so not to to break the [...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 / Impala Mk 1 Scratch Build, with decals on.

Finally the decals are on for the Silver Falcons Impala Mk 1, I have been meaning to post these for a while now, but the Piaggio got in the way. Hope you enjoy Marc

Piaggio P 166 Scratch Build 1/32 Scale Part 2, wings and engines.

Well its time for another post on the Piaggio Build, This build is totally different to anything I have scratch Built previously, lots and lots of different challenges but also a lot of fun. Building that inverted gull wing................. wel[...]

Piaggio P 166 Scratch Build 1/32 Scale ” The Start”

Well here we go again, I finished the Spitfire about 2 weeks ago, a very enjoyable build, I tell you those Tamiya Kits are really good, so good in fact that I started to get Board with the build, no offense to Mr Tamiya, it was so well engineere[...]

1/32 scale Tamiya Spitfire IX, Israeli Airforce

This was a quick build between my scratch builds, Lots of fun and the first Kit that I have built in a few years. I started the build with the idea of working on my painting and airbrush skills that I feel were taking a back seat with all the sc[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build , FINISHED

Well, its time to reveal the completed model of the Impala Mk 2, or commonly known as the MB 326 K, I really enjoyed building the Mk 1 and the Mk 2 in 32nd scale, two iconic Aircraft of the South African Airforce. The Impala Mk 2 being used as a[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 4

A little update for you guys on the MB 326K, You will see that I have added the drop tanks, front cockpit and all the control surfaces as well as the undercarriage, Main Canopy next and all the covers and wheel doors, looks like I am finally get[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 3

A little progress on the Impala Mk 2 scratch build, progress has been a little slow due to work commitments but a bit has been done since the last post, Added a little paint, and scratch built the fuel tanks. Busy with all the control surfaces a[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 2

Time for a little update on the Impala Mk2 or commonly known as the MB 326 K. Did a little detail work this past week end and built the DEFA30mm cannon, Ammunition Draw as well as the gun sight, I really enjoy scratch building the details, usin[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 1

Time for an update for the Impala Mk 2, The build has been pretty much that same as the Mk 1, except for the single seat and the two 30mm DEFA cannon pods under the fuselage. I am building an aircraft that was responsible for shooting down a Mi [...]