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This hobby that we indulge in is just amazing, we build, in scale, replicas of the original, look at references and pictures and read the History to create the model as accurately as we can, we even try to tell a story in diorama’s. How many late nights, long hours we dedicate in the pursuit of the elusive “perfect model”.
I am a 52 year old Project Manager that loves Flying and Aircraft, I have a wonderful Wife and Daughter, and this Hobby, I am Blessed. I build Aircraft in 1/32 scale and I have built a few aircraft in 1/24 scale, from WW2 to the Vietnam era. I am also very much into scratch building 1/32 scale civil and military aircraft not found in kit form.
Please have a look at my web site

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 8

Time for another update, nearing the finish line on this build, needless to say I really enjoyed it very much, from making the molds and the entire build, it went together fantastic, like an out of the box build........... You will notice that I[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 7

Well its that time again, a little progress for all you interested parties that are following the build, As you will see most of the air frame is built and its time for a little paint work, this is always the fun part for me, it makes the model [...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 6

Its time for another update on the MB 326 build, I made some good progress over the last two weekends and managed to get a lot done. Finished all the control surfaces and flaps, started scribing and riveting the whole model, this took quite a l[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 5

Time for another update on the Impala project, I am not going into much detail on this build, if you guy's would like to find out anything, or ask any questions, please feel free to drop me a message, as you will see, I made a jig for the inst[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 4

Here we go again, here are a few progress pictures for you guy's, finished the cockpit, scratch built the wings and I made a jig to get the wings positioned properly. I also made the intakes and installed them. I then decided to add some inspec[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 3

Well its time for another up date on the latest scratch build project, namely the MB 326 or in South Africa, the Atlas Impala Mk 1. With this Covid 19 virus doing the rounds, there seems to be a little time on hand to do some building, even thou[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 2

Enough of a rest, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from not building anything, so I got stuck into the MB 326. I will be making both versions of the aircraft that were used by The SAAF. The 2 seat trainer and the single seat light strik[...]

Completed Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 19.

Well there you have it, Finally finished. I got the decal sheet from a friend of mine in IPMS Cape Town, and they came out just Fantastic. So I hope you all enjoyed the build as much as I have, and I will post on my next build as I progress. [...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 Scratch Build Part 1

Well its time for the next scratch build, After finishing the Mirage F1 in 32nd scale, I have decided to build another popular aircraft that served in the South African Airforce, namely the MB 326, or as its known in South Africa, the Atlas Impa[...]

Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 18

Well, its time for the 2nd last post. The build is completed, under wing stores and drop tank have been installed. Just waiting for the custom decals to arrive and put on and then I can truly say that this mammoth built is complete. This has b[...]