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Piaggio P 166 Scratch Build 1/32 Scale Part 3, wings, Flaps, control surfaces and undercarriage.

March 31, 2021 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2K

Been a while since I have posted some progress on the P 166, so here are some pictures.

Please excuse the condition of my work table, it looks like I clean up with a hand grenade. I usually take pictures as I am building so not to to break the momentum.

Finished the control surfaces and undercarriage, going to move on with more detail work and weathering, as well as scratch building the propellers.

Hope you enjoy the pics, and if you would like to know more detail of the build, please send me a message.

I am looking at doing a Buccaneer next in 32nd scale, let me know what you think...

Keep safe and keep modelling.


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  1. What a great progress, Marc.
    A lot of details brought into this build.
    Regarding the workbench, I even do like it this way during a build and it is always nice to see what kind of tools others are using.

  2. What a wonderful progress, my friend @marc!
    Among others, the MLG is stunning! looks 1:1!
    Love your workspace, it's a busy productive shop! Mine looks the same (though my jobs are definetely vastly inferior to yours). I sort of clean mine at the end of each session, before going to bed usually.
    ...a Buccaneer in 1/32? Sounds totally amazing, kind of a dream build!
    We like! We like!

  3. Hi Marc.
    Amazing ! Quite a feat your work !
    Was there a floatplane version of this aircraft ?
    Those push props seem familiar. The seaplane base in Sausalito, in The 90 ies , had a Remarkable and similar looking plane like this one .
    Thanks for showing.

  4. Marc, @marc
    This is some incredible work ! The landing gear and tires you made from scratch look like you somehow managed to shrink down the full sized thing. You captured the little stuff too, like the rubber portion of the brake lines and how they connect to the hard steel lines.

    Then I look at the rest of the airframe and I see something new each time... Outstanding is a word that comes to mind here.

    You scratch build models and they look much better than the ones I build that come in a box as a regular kit.

    You have a very impressive skill set my friend.

    I definitely pressed the "liked" button.

  5. Absolutely amazing! Love all that detail on the rudder and ailerons - and the wheels/tires look like the real McCoy.

    I'm all for a Bucc! Desert Pink scheme perhaps?

  6. Outstanding work buddy!

  7. Marc, I have been waiting for Part 3 and everything is what I expected and more. Really great to see the Albat is such great detail and brings back many memories with the distinctive engine sound! A great build of a very challenging machine, thank you and already looking forward to the next instalment!

  8. A Buccaneer scratchbuilt in 1/32? Here, let me slip this nice jacket with the long sleeves and all the fancy belts and buckles over your head sir. Come with me to this nice padded room, where you will never harm your models if you throw them... 🙂

    This Piaggio sure has the "Barris touch."

  9. Awesome job! Your bench looks a lot cleaner than mine... 🙂

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