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Piaggio P 166 Scratch Build 1/32 Scale ” The Start”

December 7, 2020 · in Aviation · · 24 · 2.6K

Well here we go again, I finished the Spitfire about 2 weeks ago, a very enjoyable build, I tell you those Tamiya Kits are really good, so good in fact that I started to get Board with the build, no offense to Mr Tamiya, it was so well engineered that all I had to do was follow the plans ( This was also what I haven't done in a while...) and everything just fits. So when I got the drawings for the Piaggio (Albatross in South Africa) I was excited and ready to get started ( Shaking like a drunk passing a liquor store).

As usual, I started making the molds and getting the shape and scale correct, Vac formed the fuselage halves and got going with the interior, cut out the wheel wells, windows and door. I also did the sound proofing and insulation in the fuselage halves.
Started making the seats and instrument panel and overhead panel ( still Busy).
Next will be the wheel wells, and crew seats and a lot of detail work.

This build will take a long time considering the detail I have in mind.

Hope you enjoy the build pics so far, and keep in touch,

Keep Safe,


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  1. Marc, if this is just the start, I can't wait to see the sequel! Another great build! Looks awesome!

  2. Another Marc Barris @marc masterpiece coming into life.
    Looking amazing so far, my friend; cannot wait to see this big baby proceeding!

  3. Hi Marc.
    Wonderful work, again, From a very skilled craftsman. How do you source plans For planes like this ?
    I have nothing in mind in particular but some models will just not get made w.o. Taking The initiative.
    Looking forward to your progression. Italian designed planes are sleek!

    • Hi Bernard, I use the Internet a lot and search for scale drawings, I also talk to fellow modelers and see what they have, you are welcome to give me a shout, I might just have what you are looking for, Thanks for the comment.

  4. As Artie Johnson would say - "Verrry Interesting!" (giving my age away). Unusual plane. Not many pusher props around. Don't know if these are useful to you at this point as you seem to have done your homework, but here are some pics from two specimens at an unusual museum near Anzio. Good luck, look forward to the final product.

    9 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  5. That's a start with a lot of details, Marc.
    Fantastic to see those papers in the back of the seats.
    This will be an awesome build.

  6. Great start to an interesting subject Marc.

  7. Marc this is another ambitious project that is a masterpiece in the making! Masterclass work as usual!

  8. Hi Marc, I hope you are going to keep posting about this build! I made a few models from scratch nearly three decades ago, but those early attempts were nothing compared to this. I have been planning to build early gliders with similar construction method in 1:48 scale, and I am really eager to see the technics and tricks you use.

  9. Looks like being another great build. I always think of Piaggio as a maker of scooters, are they the same company?

  10. Once again I will follow a master at work.

  11. Man, you pick such cool subjects! I've never seen this aircraft. This is going to be a great build, and the work on it thus far looks fantastic.

    • Hey Greg, I do tend to go off the beaten track with my projects, This aircraft was known as the Albatross in South Africa and was seen around the Cape Coast during the 70's and 80's. Thanks for the comment buddy.

  12. Looks like another lovely build Marc. This plane brings back fond childhood memories. Saw these often flying overhead on finals to YAFB...27 Sqn I believe(?) before they moved to Malan. Had the pleasure of driving one of these around the Cape Peninsula one fine Saturday afternoon with the late Maj Francois Senekal (CF) Fun days.

  13. Marc, @marc
    This is going to be a very big model once you get it done. I see you have a very good start with the build too. I especially like how the sound proofing insulation looks, and the cockpit is just as impressive. Sign me up for watching this one !

    Take care and stay safe my friend.

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